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  1. Venenoso

    dresden flag ftw
  2. Venenoso

    if playing with a decent buddy it's easy to get 2-3 wins in a couple hours, this game feels so easy, I suppose it's because of the big playerbase, has a nice feeling of fast paced action tho
  3. Venenoso

    SS-13 Colonial Marines (Alien Universe), 2D game though (Look from above). It's REALLY UNDERRATED 200 payers per match at peak hour Xenos worldside and marines in a ship orbiting a planet from which a human colony sent a help beacon for "unknown reasons". (Marines ICly don't know about the xenos until they seem 'em), first 15 minutes usually is equiping+briefing+getting planetside Matches usually are 40-120 minutes long. You can play either as: (If in squad): Squad Leader Marine Combat medic Engineer Specialist Smartgunner (Not in squad): Commander(whitelisted position) Staff Officer Military Police MP head Ship Medic Medical Chief of Staff Researcher Corporate Liaison Ship engineer Cargo Technician And a lot more (Here: https://cm-ss13.com/wiki/Marines) As Xeno, usually start as Larvae, but there's a whole evolution three, over 12 different Xenos, including Spitters, supports, stealth, etc. (And of course, A Xeno Queen). There are also Predators in some rounds, but to play as them you've got to be whitelisted
  4. Venenoso

    I saw some MTA RP guys were developing some GtaV server using RageM, so downloaded RageMP to test it out and found this in the server browser tab. What attracted me was the "typing" rp, I just can't buy voice rp, specially since I have a strong accent. Also there's been a GTA V -68% sale in steam, maybe that brought a couple players
  5. Venenoso

    Ah, the "LCN Bible" remastered, and posted by the original author 😛. Truly a MUST if seeking to roleplay ANY kind of criminal organization. I applaud you
  6. Venenoso

    Don't tell me it's not pure beauty.
  7. Venenoso

    My top 5: ->Game of Thrones ->Dr. House (Could be lower but NOSTALGIA) ->Breaking Bad ->Peaky Blinders* ->The Wire *(Actually took a while to get me hooked up, but it's a MUST, smoking+drinking (white wine for me) with company while watching it's also a must If you already do both, it's really inmersive since in the everyone's smoking/drinking 24/7 in the show)
  8. Venenoso

    The latest "Mission Impossible" (2018) Watched it cus gf wanted to, I was expecting no more than a boring, generic action movie BUT I FUCKING LOVED IT. I'd recommend it 100%
  9. Venenoso

    Exactly, and I won't watch 2, for me the whole charm of the series was the hosts discovering their nature... The sneak peaks I've had for S2 (Actually saw the first episode) reminds me a lot to LOST, in the way of how writers just throw BS to the script to keep alive something that, story-wise, should have ended.
  10. Venenoso

    8 cause samurai = cool but I don't like the res
  11. Venenoso

    I haven't read all the comments but.. I do agree that Government Employees should be paid only when reaching certain ammount of time On-Duty. I'm new in the server and haven't played yet, but from playing in mta I'd go forward to add that, to promote legal enterprises (Although I don't know how it works right now), I would love it if shops gave a good ammount of passive income apart from any real (player) clients, in a way that shops and business clubs owners could be the richer strata, instead of Firefighters/Cops.