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  1. YB


    Solved. L&A
  2. YB

    Really good screenshots!
  3. This is a really helpful guide. Thank you!
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  5. YB

    Great screenshots.
  6. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! I hope you had a great Christmas Eve and I wish you all to be well and happy and all the best!
  7. YB

    Business is expanding Business proposal
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    Thank you! Well spent night Work
  9. YB

    Screenshots on point. Great faction.
  10. YB

    Simply making them pay to get their car back Everything can be solved
  11. YB

    Had a great roleplay today!
  12. YB

    Thank you everyone! The American dream is fake Hungry for money
  13. Woah i read everything. So. I don't quite agree with you. It doesn't make the rich richer and the poor stay poor. I haven't been around on GTAW do i don't know what's been changed, or how has it been before, but from what you wrote - i just want to say that having a house even irl in the USA isn't easy to obtain. People lease cars and rent properties alot. Also, taxes also happen irl. And reduce of flashy cars is also good because not every Dick and Harry should be able to obtain a flashy expensive car after they finished mining or whatever. And one can't just rp being able to pay a lawyer. If one isn't able to pay for a lawyer as you say, then he should earn that money via IC means. I don't know much about how its all done on GTAW like real estate etc, but there's ways of earning money. And a friend of mine just sold his business yesterday for a high amount of money. So not sure why are you saying that noone can pay 600k to buy yours.