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Game Changelog

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Update 2.3.13



  • Added /approvetransfer for administrators to allow /banktransfer to another character of the same accounts
  • Blocked /banktransfer to characters of your own account unless approved by an administrator



  • /settrashlocation can now be used by admins
  • Vehicles can now be modded within a 30 meters range of their garage instead of 10 meters



  • Fixed a typo when purchasing a mask
  • Fix attempt for /torpedo issues
  • Fixed /vstats being accessible to everyone
  • Fixed an error message about canceled orders being printed on /changechar
  • Fixed a cash check for truckers when purchasing crates, instead of a bank check
  • Fixed blackjack issues, it is now available again
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Update 2.3.15



  • Admin jails are now account-wide


  • Players removed from a trunk after being kidnapped are now properly teleported at the right position
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to having a low resolution character during char creation
  • Fixed a bug that would lead to having a weird camera after character creation
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Update 2.4



  • Added a new helicam system with a reconstructed worldtoscreen system instead of using GTA 5's engine one, which will help the development for future GPS / address scripts
  • Added a new Victor replacement which is more optimized thanks to @mario
    • unknown.png
  • Added a SD banner in the new SD station
    • image0.png
  • Added a new activity monitoring system for properties, allowing administrators to directly identify unused owned properties
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Update 2.4.1



  • Added a new command that is mandatory to be used when robbing another player : /rob. The victim will then have to /a(ccept)rob, which will show their items to you directly.
  • Improved the ban evading detection checks


  • Mapping an interior will now be using bank money instead of cash money
  • Modified robbery rules in order to restrict the amount of poorly roleplayed robberies, as the new economy update coming will lead to an increase of poor robbery roleplay scenes without these restrictions: 
    • Poor robbery roleplay is bannable, for example : 

      - Driving up to Paleto bay just to target PF holders to steal their guns

      - Driving on a dirt bike with masks and no roleplay at all but using your gun to aim at random civilians and ask for their money

      - Chaining robberies on your character to acquire IC assets instead of creating well developped IC scenes


      It is forbidden to rob anyone when :

      - You're using a motorcycle / quad / ATV, these vehicles are fully forbidden for such roleplay unless previously approved by an administrator using /report

      - You've baited the victim using an advertisement or the taxi script

      - You're not using /rob to force the other party to show their items

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Update 2.4.2



  • Added a jail character slot system: you can now freely create a character that will be permanently set in jail.
    • AMSTCez.png
  • Added a system that converts all mistyped lowercase messages like "yes" to "Yes."
  • Added /ragdoll to fall into ragdoll mode, the command is first deployed to test the sync before it's fully deployed for the death system
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Update 2.4.3



  • Added /withdraw inside the jail customization room
  • Added /setwristband for SD
  • Added /setbracelet for SD


  • Removed some old characters prints from /cellfino


  • Fixed /helpup while being possible while you were also wounded yourself
  • Fixed cell issues with new jail characters
  • Tryfix for the bug where you would fall under TTCF when spawning inside a jail due to a lack of freeze time to let objects load
  • Fixed an issue with character slots limits and jail characters


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Update 2.4.4



  • Added /autogrammar(ag) to automatically fix your uppercases / missing end of sentence dots.
  • Added an ingame two factor system thanks to @Static insane work once again!
    • You can use /setup2fa to set it up
    • The 2FA pin will be required if we detect an unusual change in your connection pattern, using multiple parameters
    • fSQkNX4.png


  • Drastically improved the ban evading check for future bans thanks to a new technical addition


  • Fixed a bug with the character list and jail characters, where sometimes selecting a character would load another one
  • Fixed /take weapons remaining visible on you after /place
  • Fixed a bug on character creation that would sometime claim you have reached your maximum char slots whereas you still had one available


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Update 2.4.5


Mod changes

  • Bugfixes to VVPI, VVPI2, VICTOR and Victortaxi.
  • Added Medical Examiner Livery for Victor
  • Added Coroner and Medical Examiner Livery to Alamo
  • Handling fix for Alamo
  • Added Valkyrie Livery for Blaine County Aviation
  • Changed decals around Mission Row Police Station. https://imgur.com/a/S4QFQU9
  • Re-deployed Bravado Buffalo Police Marked and Unmarked. Civilian version to follow.



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