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  1. Update #1.0.10: Added Vehicle indicators (Left Arrow / Right Arrow) Added Weapon safety switch (F4 key) Added Weapon fire mode switch (M key) Payment for legal factions is now paid by the government instead of the faction bank. Optimized the /damage command and fixed an issue with wrong bones. The /low command will be shown in the range, regardless of in a vehicle or not. Added a quantity option to the /treatmentitems command. Fixed an issue with the character customization menus. You will now spawn when all your data is loaded (short delay by login). Fixed a bug in the /refill that only PD/FD vehicles are paid by the government. Fixed a bug with the paychecks that some people didn't get a paycheck. Added a delay of 20 seconds for the police trace command. Added the newest version of the GT-MP Server (open beta version update) Fixed a bug due to the new GTMP update where you would sometimes be out of the vehicle when trying to buy a new vehicle at the dealership
  2. Update #108: Fixed a bug in the drunken system. Set a waiting time of 10 seconds when you refill your vehicle. Fixed a bug in the headshot system, you will now be able to headshot a player with all weapons and not only handguns Activated the door lock/unlock for the police doors again. Added more badge images to the /badge command from LEO's. Reworked the economy system in order to prepare the economy for a comeback of the government roleplay: The paycheck asset taxes we added back, with 0.0002% of your assets taxed If you have more than $400.000, per paycheck The government is now receiving the money from all taxes, dealerships The government is now responsible for paying legal businesses, and the money is taken from their bank The government is now responsible for paying official legal factions each months for their monthly budget Increased store-robbery money to $5000. Fixed a bug that was causing death when using cocaine or marijuana
  3. Update #104: Changed the Facebrowser Item prices. Fixed a smaller bug with the lock/unlock system of the police HQ doors. Fixed some minor bugs in the drunken system. Visual effects will now disappear within two minutes. The drunken-system-effects will now stay twenty minutes, even when you log off in between. Changed the location of the character creating to the GTA Online processing room. Removed the entrance fee for on-duty officers/medics. The entrance fee will now charge 20% of it as tax from the owner. Optimized some code paths to increase the server performance. Optimized some code paths to reduce crashes. Added the admin command to start a screen effect. Added the admin command to stop a screen effect. Changed the drunken screen effect. Fixed a bug in the faction tow system. Added Gargoyle motorcycle to dealership. New player spawn moved back to the airport Chop'd vehicles position will not be saved in the garage anymore Added the Police Command /pdstop (Try it out ;-) )
  4. Update #103: Added the lawyer job, you can now apply for state bar certification here ! https://gov.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=71 Added an alcohol system: you can now get drunk by drinking alcohol, and it will be saved upon disconnection. All restaurants and bars will be filled with alcohols upon request until we release the new trucking system that will fill your business with it. Multiple different effects will be triggered depending of your drunk state! Makeup will now properly work at the tattoo parlors Metal parts will now weight 500 grams instead of 3kg All your vehicle doors will now be automatically closed when locking your vehicle. Lockpicks will now cost 10 refined copper instead of 35 refined copper. Added /vunfaction to unfaction a vehicle you own. Fixed a bug with 911 that was leading to the last message being sent to the entire server on some specific conditions. Fixed the /cuff animation for females skin Fixed business bank not properly saving Fixed a bug where all vehicles could be brought at a chop shop, only the wanted list is supposed to be giving car parts. Added the command /setlawyer for the Department of Justice. Fixed /inter(view) Removed /vmod Vehicles will now despawn after 3 hours when you log off. Vehicles will now automatically lock when you crash. Police Helicopters will now despawn when the pilot crash. The police MDC will now show a map with the 911 calls. All doors in the PDHQ can be locked/unlocked by faction members now.
  5. We can remove the mask name from the logs and show the real player name.
  6. Update #99.2: Added 15 new radio stations to the XMR Radio. Added items to the facebrowser shop. Added the command /pickuplaptop command to pick up a computer. Added a logging to more admin commands. Added a login notification when you have outstanding citations. Added the /radio2 and /radio3 command to got three radio channels at the same time. Added a dimension check to stores and businesses. Changed the code for the laptop handling and optimized some functions. Changed the outfit slots to 20 slots. Changed the needed admin level for the /giveweapon and /giveammo command. Changed the /feed command for weed: it will now feed all plants in a 15m radius Changed the Impound function that a player has to wait for 24h before he can get his vehicle back. The walking style will now reset back to normal when the gold donator ends Changed the garbage man payment and increased it by 25%. Changed the news color to green The option "Start engine" should not appear anymore when you're pressing Y and prompted with multiple choices, unless you're in a car /pduty will now unequip your weapons first Tattoos will now directly be saved after buying them The cocaine system is now properly working up to 200 HP Removed the animation when receiving an SMS Temporarely removed objects from animations to reduce crashes
  7. Update #98: Fixed a bug in some admin commands. Fixed a bug in the spectating function. Fixed the /doors and /doorme command. Added an event handler to create permanent vehicles. Added more logging to some commands. Added an anonymous caller function (incl. sms) *³ Added management possibilities InGame. Added dynamic loading/deletion of objects Added a new dealership for industrial vehicles. Added an InGame Laptop system (IC Internet). *² Added a list of new industrial vehicles. (info) Added /sa /as to stop animations and disabled animation objects Changed the /admins command. Changed the /getmaskname command for admins to lookup a playerID. Changed the /panic command and restricted it only to PD members. *² You can open the laptop with the "Y" Key next to the Laptop object (image) [Showcase will follow] *³ You can switch the mode with /setanon. You will have to pay for anonym sms and calls.
  8. Will be included in the update today.
  9. CodenameTim

    The Trucker Job

    Is already in development ;) I will include some of your suggestions into the job.
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