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  1. Username: LikeThat123 Comment: Thank fuck, Skinheads are running italian americans out of a reputation with their shit business.
  2. Time for a new chapter.
  3. Good question really, but I think it comes down to the reason that roleplay is something I enjoy. I think being part of a faction allows me to feel motivated to get on, Martorano offers me growth over a long period of time and with ta in mind I am always wanting to get on and get involved with some RP. Along with that, I think having friends in the community helps a lot, knowing I can hop on after a long day and just enjoy some RP really does help, hop into a voice-chat and just RP together is fun.
  4. Honestly hard to say, really. Had so many experiences, I think Chen Dong has been one of my favourite characters to play. I remember Chen Dong, Zachary Berger & Tao Young heading up to Rockford Hills on a stealth mission to steal, Chen's car back as he thought he was wanted over there. Can't remember much just remember being some of the most fun RP I have experienced. Sala Bolo has always given me interesting roleplay as well, possibly winning my first fight on him? Or when LSNN reported he was in prison yet he was getting shitfaced in a club after winning his first fight and the court finding him not-guilty.
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