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Game Changelog

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Update #36:

  • Reworked the ingame menus: Pages added which allow the players to quickly move through all the options (very useful for furniture system), you can now also select an option by using the different 1,2..9 keys of your keyboard
  • Added /vdeliver to respawn your vehicle on your position when it is destroyed for unknown reasons.
  • The police reinforcement have been reworked: All cops will now have an icon on the map showing the position of the cop who asked for reinforcement in real time.
  • Added rockstar social club account ban.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some players to receive calls from /912
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Update #37

  • New weather system: More weather effects (thunderstorm !), more regular changes, and the administrators can now choose the weather !
  • Inventory categories containing no items in your inventory will not be printed anymore
  • Increased the amount modifier speed in the menu
  • Your personal menu will now allow you to manage your property
  • Added bunker interior
  • Fixed a print bug when buying items
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Update #38

  • Added poker game - You can now buy a poker kit at any 24/7. When using the poker kit, a poker table will be placed on your position.
    • You can create a game for 2 to 16 players
    • It is a complete poker game
    • You can place the poker table anywhere you want, at home or outside. But you must remain realistic and not place poker tables in the middle of the road, or you will be punished
  • Reworked menus
    • Added a smart system that opens back the previous menu once you validate / close the current one, allowing you to manage / place furnitures way faster for example
    • You can now use ENTER to select manually a quantity instead of increasing the amount one by one with left/right keys
  • Added NPCs in all 24/7
  • Added NPCs at police station
  • Added NPC at licensing
  • Added NPC at mineral sale
  • Modified and updated position of the following icons:
    • City Hall
    • Ore sale
    • Licensing
  • You can now use /bdelete to delete a business [ADMIN]
  • You can now use /bmove to move a business [ADMIN]
  • You can now use /listfactions to list all factions [ADMIN]
  • You can now use /atow to tow any vehicle [ADMIN]
  • Administrators can now use all faction vehicles
  • Removed the quizz when creating the account
  • Added /panic for police backup
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Update #39

  • Added /toggle command to hide/show specific chats
  • Added a basic income of $5000, with a new tax system on wealth
  • Added a tester - admin chat (/t)
  • Fixed few bugs on item properties
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to use the same item multiple times
  • Fixed bugs in the new menu system
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from managing their business If it was out of components
  • Added /lastincar command to check for the last player in a vehicle [ADMIN]
  • Added /vinfo command to check owner of a vehicle [ADMIN]
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Update #40

  • Added /setpatrol command for cops to set a patrol name on their car
  • Added a badge system for LSPD and LSFD
  • Added /badge command for cops to show their badges to other characters
  • Added O'Neil Ranch as new interior
  • Added the snow season and map
  • Players will now be able to load garbage bags from the back of the truck
  • Fixed a rare bug preventing players from getting paychecks
  • Increased vehicle rental time to 1 hour, and players can now use /vrent from anywhere to renew the rental
  • Modified the City Hall icon position
  • Tester admin chat command is now /st
  • Tester only chat (/t) was added
  • Added /toggle command for testers chat
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Update #41

  • Added an equipment shop for cops (belt, vests, weapons...)
  • Cops can now use /pduty and /equipment after a crash without going to the police station
  • Police vehicles speed have been increased
  • The menus have been reworked, with a first focus on the property menu
  • Fixed some index bugs in the personal menu
  • Fixed a bug where the player would lose his licenses If he was showing it to anyone
  • Renamed "Courrier" to "Courier" everywhere in the game
  • Fixed a bug where when a player was disconnecting while having a /desc activated, it was still showing the description floating where the player logged off
  • Removed the VOIP shortcut and system completely
  • Fixed a typo in the courier job when getting your initial truck
  • The face and hair you select in character creation will now by default be applied to all outfits
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Update #42

  • Added /enable command for admins to enable or disable the ooc chat to all players
  • Fixed a bug when using /radio, the animation would stuck your character for a second
  • Fixed a bug with interior 48, where the exit was set in the middle of it
  • Added an empty restaurant interior to be furnished
  • Removed north hospital
  • The Miljet plane is now at the LS Airport dealership
  • Removed construction limits for administrators
  • Added a generic script bound to objects, allowing future implementation of money safe, item chests etc...

I also want to announce that 3 developers recently joined the team:

@CodenameTim who will be working on web and gamemode developments. He has already almost finished a full MDC system that will be integrated ingame, you can see an example screenshot here:



@Justus will be joining us as head of web development, leading all future web projects, forum improvements but also working on the gamemode.


@JoeWarner will also be joining us on web development and will soon be releasing its social network FaceBrowser ! More information soon.

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Update #43

  • Added fuel for vehicles
  • Added multiple gas station businesses
  • Added a system to dynamically load custom mapping from external tools
  • Added a large empty interior to allow players to completely furnish an interior
  • Organization leaders can now customize their faction vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where the player's nametag would sometimes turn green
  • Fixed /lastincar [ADMIN]
  • Fixed /bcreate [ADMIN]
  • /freeze will now also freeze the vehicle [ADMIN]
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Update #44

  • Reworked the furniture system to prepare the implementation of police roadmaps and admin mapping
  • The vehicle speed will now be printed in mph instead of km/h
  • Fixed a bug where garbage job vehicles would not work due to being out of fuel
  • Fixed a bug where bought gas station would not print their full text anymore
  • Fixed a bug where rental vehicles would not work due to being out of fuel
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Update #45

  • A new tax system to match with https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/125-realism-and-the-economy/ is now live
  • All businesses will now run out of components, instead of only player owned businesses
  • All businesses will now buy components when they need some
  • You can now manage a gas station and earn money from it
  • On duty cops will remain on duty on death
  • On duty cops will not lose their uniform on death anymore
  • On duty cops will not lose their weapons on death anymore
  • Players can now manage an ammunation store they own without having the weapon license
  • Removed /drag, /stopdrag
  • Cuffed players will now be able to move
  • The correct admin rank will now be printed next to their names
  • Added a boat gas station
  • Added a plane gas station
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