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Hate Valley Hardcore

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Hate Valley Hardcore a/k/a Death Valley Hardcore a/k/a HVHC a/k/a DVHC
The Los Santos City Attorney’s office announced civil actions against members apart of a white supremacist gang within the El Burro Valley this Tuesday, saying the filings could result in evictions, officials said. Fred Feuer said he filed nuisance abatement orders against several members and associates of the El Burro Valley Peckerwoods, a known white supremacist gang that has been accused of involvement in drug and weapons trafficking, identity theft and other crimes. According to the complaints, the properties in El Burro and Saint Lewis Park were known havens for drug and gang activity. Feuer said Los Santos police officers have recovered stolen vehicles and credit cards, heroin and methamphetamine on multiple occasions at the El Burro home of Tommy Reed, a Peckerwood gang member who is also accused of having ties to the local extinct gang, Death Valley Skinheads, a white supremacist prison gang. Investigators have been monitoring the properties for months, but Feuer said it was especially important to take action against racist criminal organizations at a time when hate crimes are perceived to be rising. "January 2009: Police officers in El Burro, San Andreas, arrested two members for their suspected roles in a possibly racially-motivated murder attempt. Authorities charged Robert Pickersgill 31 and Kyle Wagner, 29, with attempted murder and gang membership, among other charges. A third individual, Tyler Corbett, 22, was also arrested for witness intimidation and gang membership. The suspects are accused of beating a 19-year-old Hispanic man in November 2008 at a mobile home park in Hemet in the El Burro Valley. The perpetrators allegedly knocked the victim unconscious and then stomped and kicked him in the head. He now resides in a long-term care facility with permanent brain damage. Authorities suspect that the attack was racially motivated, possibly even a reaction of the elections. These suspicions stem from comments reportedly posted to the group's Web site, expressing anger over the results of the election, as well as the proximity in time between the attack and the election. The Web site has since been taken down. Tyler was arrested in November, Robert and Kyle in December in January 2009. Local authorities suspect that the gang may have been involved with four other possibly racially-motivated attacks which were also committed in the area around the same time."

bop-11-659.pngThe Fight against White Supremacist Gangs
El Burro Valley, Los Santos

“We’re now fighting to prevent white supremacist gangs from infesting our neighborhoods, and they bring with them, of course, this toxic mix of violence and crime and hate,” one local deputy said. Each home that was subject to an abatement complaint is located near a high school or middle school, Feuer said. Photos from inside one of the homes showed swastikas and Confederate flags adorning the walls, as well as the Peckerwoods’ gang crest, National Socialist swastikas and other radical right-wing imagery of white supremacist enigma and propaganda. 

But that’s very different from how officials have fought black and Latino gangs across L.S. For 25 years, the city’s anti-gang policies have provoked criticism from civil rights groups for sweeping up young minority men who are in some cases not associated with gangs at all. In many cases, the city’s gang injunctions allow police officers the ability to essentially decide who they think are gang members and arrest them for violations as small as loitering in public. The policy has spurred multiple lawsuits over the years. In March of 2016, the city agreed to pay $30 million to settle a lawsuit over the injunctions, and now the American Civil Liberties Union is separately suing the city over the policy, arguing it violates the rights of thousands of young minority men. “These injunctions are put in place with a total lack of due process,” says Melanie Ochoa, an ACLU lawyer. “Black and Latino young men bear the brunt of this policy.” L.S.’s actions against the Peckerwoods highlight the wide difference in how the city treats white and minority gangs: When black and brown gang members cause violence in a neighborhood, officials crack down with blanket actions that affect thousands of young men who in many cases aren’t involved with a gang at all. When white gang members do the same, there’s a small-scale, targeted response. The white supremacy factor is there for recruitment purposes, to tell young whites that they are already part of the movement because of their ethnicity. Gangbangers that end up hitting the slammer get clicked up with their race, regardless of their affiliations. Once they get back on the streets, they use that same mindset as they have on the yard and use ethnicity as a tool to recruit. Authorities believe that Death Valley Skinheads gang members may also have been behind other unsolved murders that involved punishing members believed to have betrayed the group’s trust. Law enforcement officers discovered the dead body of John Lynch, a DVSH member, in an alley behind a housing complex in March 2002. Authorities suspect Lynch had been punished for participating in a revealing television interview about the gang in February 2001 and because other PENI members suspected he was stealing drug money from the gang.


White Supremacist gangs' grooming & recruitment

• Since their birth, peckerwood gangs have moved through three phases which are characterized by different organizational emphases (social, political, and economic). These phases are dynamic and complex making them difficult to describe. On one hand, peckerwood gangs noticeably changed through the successive phases that I describe. On the other hand, not all gangs followed the same pattern in the same way. Some clearly shifted to the next organizational phase, others retained much of the prior organizational focus, and others moved back and forth between the two.

• These phases are neither neat nor homogeneous developments that result from subcultural consensus. Instead, internal struggle among participants, conflicts with social control agents, and sometimes cooperation with other deviant subcultures characterize the processes that shape these phases of development.

"It is a conceptual mistake to view skinheads, peckerwoods as street gangs and instead urges that we view them as an “international terrorist youth subculture”

The majority of the members are local white teenagers and young adults who originate from the lower social class all the way to the thriving middle class. The gang is noted for drug trafficking, especially methamphetamine. Affiliates of the Death Valley Skinheads have also been previously charged for burglary, aggravated robbery, firearms offenses and car theft. Legacy still lingers the area of the local white supremacist gangs and their vicious rule over the North East. After the swift and effective gang sweep of the white supremacist threat, the majority of the organisation has been transported to different facilities around the state, ultimatetly bringing an end to the old generation, neglecting the power vacuum it had left behind as the younger members of the organisations brought to an end to their existance, some out of hunger or greed for their social standing within the criminal syndicate, others because their protection suddenly disappeared, and many were claimed by addiction to Methamphetamine. The newest generation of young troubled caucasian youth has been known for also accepting members of other ethnicity, specifically southern hispanics. At a time when white supremacist groups are gathering strength around the country, other cities could learn lessons from how L.S. is efficiently and fairly handling the Peckerwoods. At the same time, the city’s treatment of young minority men is a cautionary tale for how not to fight gangs. You might think that white supremacist groups are predominantly in the Deep South, but San Andreas actually has the largest population of “racist skinheads” in the country, mostly concentrated in Southern San Andreas, says Joanna Mendelson, a San Andreas researcher who studies hate groups for the Anti-Defamation League. The Hate Valley Peckerwoods are a loosely organized group with multiple cliques surrounding areas such as Murrieta Heights, El Burro Heights a/k/a The Valley, and even in Mirror Park where the oldest of all cliques predates before it's extinction took place. The terminilogy 'peckerwoods' was originally a derogatory term for white people developed in the prison system that has since been adopted by white supremacist groups themselves. Groups tend to organize themselves geographically, identifying with an area like the Hate Valley Valley and, in some cases, tattooing their zip codes onto their skin, Medina says. Among white nationalists, “there’s a kind of a continuum that ranges in ideological sophistication and criminal enterprise,” Medina says. While the Peckerwoods support white nationalist ideas and use symbols like the burning swastika in its logos and tattoos, it doesn’t focus on the ideological strain of white nationalism. Instead, that ideology is more of a backdrop to criminal activities: The group’s involved in drug sales, meth production, gun running, and theft, just like any other street gang.

“Essentially the Hate Valley Peckerwoods are straight thugs,” Medina says. “Their ideology is tangential to their criminal activities.” He estimated that the group’s membership was about 100 people or less, with the majority facing time in county jails or penitentiaries throughout the state. It is estimated that less than a dozen people have been charged in connection with it over the years.

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OOC note
We're portraying a realistic white criminal streetgang located on the eastern side of Los Santos. This faction does not promote OOC racism. If you are looking for more information or have questions regarding the faction please send a private message via the forums. Please take note, we're RPing locals and others whom are experiencing the aftermath of a multiple string gang injuction that took place, which ultimately managed to take down the previous white supremacist criminal syndicate that had dominated the region. Character development is mandatory if you're looking forwards to taking part in the faction. 

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