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The Japanese American Association of Los Santos (JAA)

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The Japanese American Association is proud to announce it will be sponsoring World Foods Day this Sunday, March 28th. Located at the Ginger Street shopping complex on the Tokyo Strip in South Little Seoul. Ask about us for coupons to several local businesses!




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News / Announcements


The Japanese American Association is pleased to congratulate Little Tokyo resident and Bellicose MMA professional fighter D. "Kamikaze" Okimoto on his recent win at the Rockford Dome Fight Night. To celebrate the success of D. Okimoto, the JAA will be donating $10,000 to a charity of his choice. 




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Business Highlight


The Japanese American Association is a proud sponsor of Little Tokyo's own "Shogun Sushi & Grill". With a pleasant atmosphere, and an even more welcoming staff team, Shogun Sushi & Grill is a place you definitely don't want to miss out on. Complete with a traditional Japanese interior, Shogun welcomes Japanese immigrants with open arms as a gratifying "welcome home". With customary Japanese culinary dishes, Shogun Sushi & Grill is sure to shock your tastebuds and fill your stomach time and time again.





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