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Family Affiliated Irish Mafia


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Family Affiliated Irish Mafia



Dogtown FAIM is a subset of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM), a large and predominantly Irish-American peckerwood gang based in San Andreas. The gang was formerly used by the Aryan Brotherhood to organize street-level transactions throughout low income white neighborhoods within the city boundaries of Los Santos. The Dogtown subset came to be as a result of members from the Vespucci based Dogtown Whiteboys being employed as drug runners and street muscle by the likes of Weston “Wes” Stigers and Roland “Ginge” O’Kelly. With the eventual induction of senior members of the Dogtown Whiteboys, notably Duke “Hazard” Kirkman, Michael “Skinny Mike” Turner, and Owen “Vandal” Moore, the gang's reach expanded to Vespucci and its surrounding area. 


In the early spring of 2021, the group's notoriety skyrocketed as a wave of violence and gang-related shootings rocked the neighborhood. Cementing themselves as a force to be reckoned with, members of the Dogtown Whiteboys waged several one-sided wars against their rivals on the beach, driving them out of the area or eradicating them completely. Emboldened by their recent endeavors, the group continued to ramp up their presence until inevitably they appeared on Operation Safe Streets radar. Following a series of crackdowns, several members of the gang were sentenced to lengthy prison sentences, adding to FAIM’s already substantial presence in the San Andreas Correctional system.


What originally started out as a gang banging group of white beach bums morphed into a tight-knit network of money-motivated career criminals with ties to various groups around San Andreas, most notably the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), from whom certain members of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia have gotten approval to sport the shamrock. The group, like its parent gang, have at times worked closely with the Aryan Brotherhood to handle work at a street level. Originally being small-time drug dealers and petty thieves, Dogtown FAIM has become an entity that runs a large-scale methamphetamine production and distribution ring, alongside several other profitable ventures which fuel its members various drug addictions and degenerate lifestyles. Capitalizing on the work put down by its senior members and the reputation it earned the gang, the current generation of white gangsters have expanded their network and capabilities, resulting in more sophisticated and lucrative crimes.


With the recent elevation of a prominent FAIM member into the Aryan Brotherhood's ranks, the group has deemed it necessary to open up to more seasoned and established white criminals, taking a step away from the indoctrination of the local youth that the foundations of the gang was originally built on. A mixture of Dogtown Whiteboys making up the bulk of FAIM’s presence left on the outside, and a wish to increase the gang's numbers and profits has seen people often regarded as outsiders accepted into their ranks. Like their namesake before them, Dogtown FAIM seeks to increase its reputation, notoriety and reach by inducting established gangsters from a wider area into its fold.


Present day

After a stretch of time, the streets were cracked down on by Gang Unit, putting a lot of stress on the gang itself alongside putting big names behind bars. One of those names was Weston Stigers, he did a six year bid in High Desert Facility for aggravated battery with a gang enhancement added. During his time inside, activity on the streets started to decline, due to the loss of members through either imprisonment or getting killed in gang related incidents. Weston was able to get in front of the parole board and be accepted for parole after getting denied the first time. He was released on December 5th, 2022 and immediately got back into action. Getting reconnected with old contacts and the remaining members of FAIM on the streets.





((OOC Section))

All racist actions that take place IC are not a reflection of this factions OOC mindset. Any racist action that takes part OOC will result in an immediate removal from the faction.

The focus of this group is to portray "Peckerwoods", white criminals that inhabit the city of Los Santos. We encourage every member to write up a brief character story.

Myself and @reraroo have a strict one strike and you're out policy. 

Your character my be rejected to join if the backstory is too outlandish.

The faction is INVITE only.

PM @Mooseicles,  @reraroo, @snakecharmer or Shmoe Fo#6006 to inquire about joining.


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