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  1. There's no difference in quality between the two. Okay, maybe illegal factions are somewhat better.
  2. If 90% of the legal roleplayers I run into care more about ERP, hoarding enough luxury cars to outfit a dealership, and who's primary recreational activity is AFK'ing on the dancefloor in the club for hours at a time. Then I'm going to go out on a limb and say they don't care about my attempts to "Create quality roleplay". I'll go ahead & reverse uno you, most legal RPers are playing SecondLife. Shit-flinging aside, from my perspective as a primarily illegal RP'er, LEO's have all the tools necessary and more to combat the illegal scene. They just don't utilize them to their full effect and would rather, as previously mentioned by other posters on this thread, act as emotionless robocops that charge into gunfire. There's also other issues, though those are better addressed to the LEO leadership and has already been pointed out in the IFM chat. What I've witnessed is more and more LEO oriented content being added to the server, and only a few minor changes to how they operate such as the helicopter rule because having someone hover over and area of the map for 30 minutes straight shining a moonbeam on a group of people for simply standing around was beyond stupid. I'm all for cutting down on blockwipes, they annoy me just as much as they do you, as they actively disrupt roleplay in an area often for hours at a time because someones ego was hurt OOC. The argument for poor portrayal however extends to both sides. There are quality illegal RP'ers, and there are the shitters and DM'ers which give the scene a bad reputation. Then there are quality LEO RP'ers who portray actual human beings and who has a goal to RP instead of just a play-to-win mentality. And then you got the other LEO's who's main source of knowledge about law enforcement seems to stem from Training Day and other Hollywood action movies. I've seen mentions of harshers punishments being dealt for consistent rulebreaking and I am in your boat on that, but there are bad apples on all three sides, within the illegal scene, the LEO scene, and the legal scene.
  3. Detailed Description: There is a lack of affordable, and poor/cramped housing in Vespucci. Right now this building just stands there, serving no purpose. I am of the belief that having another small apartment building like this one will be beneficial to the growing roleplay population in Vespucci, and it will help the existing and up-and-coming illegal factions in the area, as well as any citizens roleplaying as locals to settle in their chosen area of the beach. There are plenty of standalone properties in Vespucci, and I don't see why there shouldn't be an abundance of tightly packed apartments for people that want to roleplay as someone with a low income. The aforementioned apartment buildings, on Magellan and Melanoma respectively have a script price of $60,000. Which is not only a much more achievable sum for new players, but also existing characters in the area. Relevant Commands/Items: None, I guess. How will it benefit the server? More housing in an area with an increasing amount of RP'ers. More properties for people that just want a small, cramped interior at an affordable script price, without having to re-locate to a completely separate area. The building in question:
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