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  1. What they do isn't the issue, it's how they choose to respond to situations outside their "job description". You are not a first responder. Security guards acting like vigilantes and chasing down armed criminals outside of the area/object they're set to guard, instead of calling the police is poor portrayal/lack of fear RP/and a RPQM issue in my opinion. If you want to be a cop, apply for SD or PD. If they carry a firearm it should be strictly for self-defense not to up it on somebody because the player doesn't understand the concept for de-escalation. Tasors and batons aren't an issue. They are for the most part non-lethals unless you go overboard. I don't think anyone has an issue with security guards applying these tools. They were likely not brought up because they have nothing to do with the point he's trying to make. It's not a one-time occurrence either. Clips of security guard RP'ers trying to imitate John Wick pop up almost daily.
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