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  1. Congratulations everyone!!
  2. PREACH. With that being said, nerfing or removing /fixveh would be lovely. Also, implementing something with the rental from airports would be cool as well, forcing people into some interaction with a player instead of just getting a car from the start would help a bit and provide more of an immersive experience. Just my opinion.
  3. I would say that increasing punishments for people breaking rules, particularly DM, poor escalation / portrayal would improve the level of RP. I think most people at least I personally interact with are great to roleplay with, but sometimes it's pretty common we come across people that just don't care as much.
  4. I think it depends on the context. If you go into a hood and see a group of gang members, then you approach them and insult them, I think it's pretty obvious that you would get seriously hurt to say the least. Look at video of people posting pranks online in the hood, etc. A simple joke is already prompting aggression. I think it goes both ways too, poor behavior on the initiating party for insulting in such situation that would very likely result in them getting hurt, as well as from the other party for escalating such conflict.
  5. Not sure where you are referring to but here in the great United State you get a ticket for speeding / running a red light based on the plate of the vehicle & registered owner of it. If they dispute it they go to court and fight the ticket claiming they did not indeed drive the vehicle. As far as the suggestion itself, I think in a perfect world it would be wonderful, roleplaying car crashes is a lot of fun, especially with police involvement, ambulances, and possibly getting airlifted, etc. The issue is the sync & lag. Many times have I been ran over or accidentally hit someone due to lag. I think unless both parties agree without any serious consequences it would be fun to implement it more towards making car crashes a more frequent thing.
  6. Being LEO throughout my entire time here, the amount of times I have been shot on traffic stop after pulling a (m) with an expensive vehicle and a clean criminal record is much higher than I expected lol
  7. I like the appearance of it and was not a fan of the previous one, good idea! You should try posting a suggestion to get it changed too.
  8. Honestly I love it. I am pretty limited to playing night-time hours and haven't seen daytime in GTAW for months.. I would love for it to be implemented.
  9. I think it depends on what you enjoy, while still maintaining realism. Personally being in LEO factions, I would age once I would rank up, and/or add a number every month or so. I think it's fun and creates character, adding some gray hairs and what not. 😛
  10. TX

    Add Cayo Perico

    ^ this. If we can't even keep people in Sandy / Paleto, I think adding another Island would be pointless. Although I agree it would be fun, I just don't think its suited for GTAW.
  11. I have had this happen previously, what worked for me was turning off the Rockstar launcher and restarting the game so it turns itself on again, also it may sound basic but a PC restart too. I have learned that sometimes when I turn off the game and want to hop back on, I need to do the above before I can be let on a server. Hope this can help.
  12. Realistically you would report a stolen vehicle by contacting an officer. The command doesn't require that. Someone previously mentioned about getting LEO involved to do that, which I am fine with as well. I simply think something needs to be done so that people don't abuse the command. I am not going to go out of my way and upload a video, post a forum report every time someone does it.
  13. Detailed Description I have encountered numerous people that would evade, then use /reportvehiclestolen either while actively evading, or shortly after using police on their tail in an attempt to try to get out of the situation of being put as a potential suspect. I think it would be an appropriate idea to only allow one to use /reportvehiclestolen while on the premises of any LSPD / LSSD / SAPR stations. It would also be beneficial to include the location, for example "XXX has reported their XXX with plate XXX stolen at XXX from Mission Row Station". Unfortunately I have recently encountered for this to be happening a lot. Sure, in real life it would be possible, but based on the conversations I've had with several other peers I believe it definitely fits more towards non-RP behavior as it would be script abuse. If a warrant is attempted to be filed, having the vehicle to be reported stolen by the owner would make it more difficult with getting a warrant processed. Relevant Commands/Items No new commands. How will it benefit the server? It would prevent or at least minimize any further abuse from occurring when people would instantly report their vehicles as stolen when being chased by the authorities.
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