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  1. Name: GK Price: Buyout. @skyreckyy
  3. Username: WroteTheBook Comment: Defund Sidwell
  4. Could be possible your device has been banned on world.
  5. Have you tried installing it onto a different drive if that's possible for your computer setup?
  6. Deuce

    Judiciary & You

    To be fair. 2x assault on a gov worker and 2x attempted murder gives you 22 points so.. Idk how fast you can pull that off but I only have to smash 2 with a baseball bat for that to happen.
  7. Deuce

    Judiciary & You

    Hi! We have been hiring members into the faction as Magistrates, they will be taking the lighter cases and the members who have a judge position would be taking the heavier cases.
  8. Username: Hon. BVB. Comment: Violence comes from ULSA. Spray tagging businesses, harassing and injuring the owners and their belongings. Safe to say these people had enough, while violence is not condoned from either side. Can't really blame them for taking a stand. Just to say the least, having a firearm on you doesn't make it a shaft violation per se. Sort out your students first, worry about giving them a license to earn money later.
  9. I've got car mods that are made to be branded as vanilla "lore" models, I suppose making pics with those to post on facebrowser wouldn't be allowed either?
  10. Fine with me, should be good for new players to get a look at how we do things here before they sign up.
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