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  1. And you're trying to say that those helicopters catch anybody and everybody flashing a firearm in their car/dark alley for 2.3 seconds? Or is this some more cognitive dissonance?
  2. Starting bid: 110,000 Buy-out: 150,000
  3. Yes lets have more RP locked behind essays that take months to be read. Fuck that. The server gets 800 comcurrent playes daily. It can afford to lose a few. Ban those that don't live up to the server's standard and you'll see RP quality sky rocket.
  4. That's the OCG culture right now. Copy pasted 6'4 250 lbs behemoths that pour into random clubs or open businesses, dropping a /me each ab how their watch is worth 125k before provoking patrons and the owners themselves to get into a shootout/roided beat down. Most of it is just power fantasies and out dated, comical stereotypes with 0 depth, flavor or development. Not that the gang scene is much better but we just tend to shoot each other instead.
  5. American former president Barrack Obama had something to say about that.
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