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  1. Southern mexicans, especially the older generation or those more in touch with their roots, use Calo every now and then. Usually slip in one word or say the entire 2/3 word phrase in Calo then switch back to English. People going "orale, mijo.. you did bien, ese" just sound horrible.
  2. Agreed. If you use the excuse that your two gangs ars fighting each other IRL to just blast each other day one you're not providing anything of substance to the scene If I lead a faction and it's real life historical rival opens nearby I usually open up an OOC dialogue where we decide if we want to set up terms, let it all play out IC or not rp it at all. IC always takes precedence but IRL politics are a good starting point.
  3. I can definitely see both sides of the issue. On the one hand, gangs can be in any neighborhood or area. They're not there simply cause of poverty or need. A lot of people gang bang out of choice, not necessity. The people roleplaying gangs in the area should adapt to their neighborhood and not act as brazen as a gang in Davis or Strawberry acts. But the people living there should also rp a modicum of fear. You don't have to shit yourself when a gang banger interacts with you and anyone claiming you'd have to rp being terrified of their character off the bat is a fool and should take a good l
  4. Comes with 2 standalone garages, one facing the alley. Starting big: $150,000 Buy-out bid: $220,000
  5. Riccardo was minutes away from death more times than I can count.
  6. What about sending the CK'd party a copy of the CK request after it's been completed? That way the party knows the reasoning and either does not appeal or knows exactly which claims to dispute and how.
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