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  1. davis mall is worthless in its current state.
  2. People portray real life gangs because these gangs have decades long histories of oppression, civil unrest, unity but also conflict. It's not just "taking the name from Wikipedia". People take the lingo, the history, the style of attire and the mentality then apply it to the server. All this is a starting point. From then on, whatever happens IC dictates how the faction changes. That said, I do admit that a lot of street gangs are bland, uninteresting and just reskins of prior factions. Sometimes they even reuse the same thread structure and the RP is more or less the same. That I do not understand, but factions like that should not be the standard.
  3. High schools dont work 9/10 times. There's not enough people roleplaying civilian teens and no teacher would want to teach if his class is interrupted every 3 minutes by someone screamingBlueface lyrics. 75% of the gang rp community lacks the maturity to not shoot over somebody spitting at them, let alone roleplaying in a school.
  4. As others have said, the mall in Davis should be a swap meet like it's real life counterpart. It simply doesn't fit in its current state. If you say "it's mixing" please hop out your Elegy Retro & think for a solid minute.
  5. Southern mexicans, especially the older generation or those more in touch with their roots, use Calo every now and then. Usually slip in one word or say the entire 2/3 word phrase in Calo then switch back to English. People going "orale, mijo.. you did bien, ese" just sound horrible.
  6. Agreed. If you use the excuse that your two gangs ars fighting each other IRL to just blast each other day one you're not providing anything of substance to the scene If I lead a faction and it's real life historical rival opens nearby I usually open up an OOC dialogue where we decide if we want to set up terms, let it all play out IC or not rp it at all. IC always takes precedence but IRL politics are a good starting point.
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