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  1. dont remove (m) characters just wipe 75% of gang rpers most of em are shit, underage chars or not.
  2. In my opinion, merely mentioning something does not equate promotion. But to each their own.
  3. My condolences but maybe if certain letters in a certain order affect you so strongly on a platform that's meant to realistically emulate real life, RP might not be for you.
  4. Did I not just say where the line is? In a perfect world cars would be renamed to real life brands and models but seeing as every vehicle takes inspiration from multiple cars from multiple manufacturers, it'd be a massive headache. There is a lot lost by using "lore" brands. Did Henry Vapid invent the assembly line? Was the Vapid Model T the first affordable car? Was there a huge rivalry between Grotti and Pegassi? Did Annis frame a man and directly cause a false prison conviction? If you bothered to say, get off your high horse and ask questions instead of assuming shit with an air of superiority, maybe you'd find valid arguments.
  5. "Lore friendly" is fucking dumb. Cars are fine but if I see you drink a Pisswasser and smoke a CoK I instantly ignore you.
  6. Finally. Fuck hamsters though.
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