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  1. This is the story of Antonio Arcangelo
  2. Ukkometso

    Irish Pride

  3. Don't forget the hunting rifle. I haven't been able to hunt for months 😞
  4. We're hiring for countless positions, but right now I'm focused on hand over the reigns to someone else. We're hiring a CEO for our company. Requirements are simple: a relevant degree, minor experience in managing a business, knowledge of maritime law, and a valid non-commercial fishing license. Send resumés to [email protected]
  5. Ukkometso


    Guys, the bike is still for sale. Just call me because all of your numbers are unavailable. My number is 9714, my name is Milton. First come first serve.
  6. Username: David Comment: Is this the music the youths are listening to nowadays? And is the boy singing a white 60 year old from Texas?
  7. Ukkometso


    Please leave your numbers with your bids so I can contact you.
  8. Ukkometso


    First come first serve, contact me on my number 9714. I'll post when it's sold.
  9. Ukkometso


    I'm selling my Pegassi Bati 801. Pictures attached. Starting bid is at least $50,000 please. ((ooc: ))
  10. I'm currently looking for an office space in Los Santos to lease or buy, please contact me via my email. [email protected] ((forum PM))
  11. Full Name: David Dienesman Signature: David Comment (optional): How about we get the park rangers to unsuspend my fishing licenses that they illegally suspended? Plus no one would use the skate park. It would just be used by those greasy white boys to hang out and smoke drugs. I disagree with this.
  12. Ukkometso


    Does anyone here play valheim
  13. No Valheim? I'll literally buy Valheim for someone if they play with me lmao
  14. Ukkometso

    Niche RP

    What about my fishing company
  15. Username: David&Davies Comment: Rest in peace. I hope his son takes it well.
  16. K town drift represent But yes the quality of racing RP in general has been stale and it's the main reason I CKd my street Racer character
  17. I'm hoping to get at least $20,000 for it.
  18. Howdy chums! I have a nice camper van for sale for you folks. Images attached below. It has a spacious interior, along with a mounted, low noise diesel generator. ((OOC))
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