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  1. *The poster prior is taken down, and in it's place is tacked another simple flyer*
  2. Heyste


    This thread will follow the life of Frankie Park. (More info goes here, at some point) (Maybe a backstory here too, I guess)
  3. I have to ask god for permission to burn this thing/rob this place. And if I pray hard enough, I can travel to alternate timelines where the bad shit that just happened, didn't happen.
  4. Illegal racers should do that, too. You know, so they dont kill people. But thats if they really wanted to rp it. This isn't the case here, probably.
  5. This is why you need spotters, banham racers. Post people up so they can redirect/warn you of traffic. Or at the very least stay in your lane. Stop full sending if you can't keep it on the right.
  6. Real talk, some sort of short range non lethal option. Pepper spray or taser would be nice, it'd help characters who want to feel safe but wouldn't want to carry a gun.
  7. I don't like the idea of having money and not being able to deposit in my own account. If the bank finds that me depositing money to be suspicious it should be investigated, but locking deposits for regular joes isn't really benefiting anyone. If someone wants to not launder their illegal money, they should be able to. They'll be easy targets for the LSPD and their investigation in how they got that new car to begin with.
  8. I'll buy the Journey. Email me ((pm))
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