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  1. keep it up friends, u make me proud xx
  2. Papi Chinito watches, and Papi Chinito approves.
  3. Had a bunch of RL shit going on these last few months but hopefully can start dedicating more time to gtaw and big Tianjin.
  4. It worked back on GTMP. Rage disables R* editor.
  5. real life has been keeping me busy so instead enjoy this scenic screen from the best interior in the game (fight me)
  6. No PCP this time but I had fun kicking it anyway.
  7. Thanks for the encouraging comments folks. Had a busy few days but managed to get on a bit yesterday. Nothing exciting, just some hanging around shots.
  8. pass me the pcp boys we back wit a new banger
  9. Siglim

    AFK System

    I dunno, I can see the value in this for short durations. Like if I have to go take a leak irl and I'll be coming right back, it doesn't really warrant me entirely shutting down the program. Closing RAGE entirely just means it'll take me longer to get back in game.
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