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  1. ( This will follow the life and development of Zachary Matthew Jenkins in South Central.) Full Name: Zachary Matthew Jenkins Alias: Zach, Casper, White boy, Gringo Age: 15 Nationality: Caucasian with Irish in him. Known for: Being the one of the only white kids in South central. Likes: Clothes, Lean Dislikes: Loud individuals, People getting onto him for being white, Backstory: Zachary Matthew Jenkins was born on October 10th, 2006 to a white mother and a black daddy. Yet he took on more of his mother's DNA and took the skin from her. Yet his hair, eyes and his facial structure was from his black father. Zachary grew up in two worlds until his mother's passing. He lived in the suburbs of San Fiero with his mother most of the year during his childhood but would live down in South Central, Los Santos during the summer with his father. He quickly understood the difference of worlds and changed his act everytime he went between them. He quickly became the victim of bullying in South Central due to his skin and how he acted some times during his child hood. Yet he slowly became to feel like at home in South Central, he sometimes wished he lived in South Central throughout the whole year. He finally got his wish when his mother died from a drug overdose of heroin in their apartment in San Fiero. Having to move to South Central at the age of fourteen, he quickly enrolled in Davis high school and learned quickly what living year round in South Central was like. He slowly got more involved with the acivity around South Central like hood days and the weekly ball game at the Davis park. He became known around the area for being the white boy everyone was cool with. He grew to learn the culture in South Central such as their slang and how to act around certain people. He still had dreams of getting out of the hood, yet he learned to love the hood.
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