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  1. Market Price: $120,000 Furniture Price: $110,420 Interior pictures: Starting Bid: $230,000 Buyout: $275,000
  2. In step 5, what do you mean by 'New Rule > Program > Select your game > Hit Next '. Are we talking about GTA5.exe? Isn't it the launcher that downloads the update?
  3. ma bucur ca suntem toti aici!
  4. Interested in the Canis Mesa.
  5. @mireu is the Mesa still for sale?
  6. Foundry VTT is definitely the way for virtual TTRPG, their WFRP modules are really good.
  7. // Quick heads up to whomever may be interested in buying the kuruma, it's currently bugged and cannot be upgraded.
  8. Offering $56,000 and a private meeting with the owner.
  9. 130,000 If I get to test drive it first.
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