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  1. Offering buyout, will give you the asking price for it.
  2. Imponte Ruiner This roaring beauty used to be my childhood dream. Now I finally decided to grow up, it is time for me to part ways with her. She's hiding a beast under her hood. Completely modified engine, high quality disc brakes for sharpest turns and a turbo to make her scream like a lion! And as cherry on the top, this beauty legally owns the "IRUINEDU" plate. Just imagine the faces of other drivers when you past them on the highway! For a beauty like her, this price is less than she deserves! So no, I don't accept any offer lower than mine. Starting Bid: $55000 Buyout: $65000 Minimum Bid: $2500 For Contact: 42069690 or [email protected] ((Forum PM)) ((OOC STATS))
  3. Bumping again, you can send your offers by the starting bid as older ones are not valid anymore (175000) Bidding will end in 24 hours, or will continue after that if we found no buyer.
  4. Hey. As last two offers are withdrawn and I can't get in touch with other one, my house is still for sale!
  5. Hi dear people that is interested on my crib! Last 12 hours for the bidding, then I'll sell it to the highest offer!
  6. Hello people. As my friend leaving the city soon, my current apartment is too big for me. For that reason, I'm selling this beautiful apartment down at Vespucci for a fair price. Some Pictures of the apartment: ((OOC INFO)) Starting Bid: $175000 Minimum Bid: $5000 Buyout: $210000 For more info: PH: 420 69 69 0 Email: [email protected] FaceBrowser
  7. Please make this happen instead of adding another 637164 new police vehicles 🤗🤗
  8. Username: Dallaboy420 Comment: Go Beavers go!
  9. Decided to live in somewhere more quiet so I'm selling my cozy apartment near pillbox -Starting Bid: 85000 -Minimum bid: 2500 -Buyout: 105000 Interior: Exterior: For further questions, only contact through [email protected] since got few problems about my phone currently. ((OOC INFO))
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