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  1. Ok, to make this short, a underage player erps for months, mind me this is highly illegal in many countries, and he gets a punishment of a ban for 5 days, but a other player can misuse a command but get a pernament ban. Why does a thing that can land you in jail just get brushed away? Is this the correct response from server management? Will underage people continue to erp now because they think "the worst punishment I'll get is max 5 days of a ban, so whatever", and most importantly, what will nervous do when the feds come at his door? Let me know your thoughts, and please be civilised.
  2. If you rp as a child in an adult game I think it's a little too far, since you are enacting things that are very much disgusting and really wrong irl, like using drugs as a minor (ain't even gonna talk about erp)
  3. Hello, am looking for a modern sultan, preferably with upgrades, if you have one, please message me at - ((forum pm)) Thank you!
  4. Hello, If you are selling a small business of any kind please contact me trough my email - ((Forum PM)) Thank you!
  5. frankcloud7


    Automobile sold to private party
  6. No bro you can't take away my HUSTLE 😞
  7. I am American citizen and I agree with this very nice American cheeseburger suggestion +
  8. As the president of the United States, I am very much likey likey ++++
  9. Selling a almost brand new Komoda. The vehicle is in excellent condition, it has an performance upgraded engine, racing four piston brakes, a samsonas sequential gearbox, sport suspension and a turbine system. Rest details are provided in the history report below. Starting price: 140,000 Incline: 2,000 Buyout: 150,000 Trading for: Rebla GTS, extra payment from my side if necessary
  10. Hello there, I`m looking to purchase a Bravado Gauntlet Gen 1 (See picture below), Preferably with low mileage and performance upgrades, If you have an offer, e-mail me (( forum pm)) or reply to this advert, Thanks!
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