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  1. Next to impossible without scripted support and/or a bunch of start-up capital for paying out profit on shares. I've been wanting to try something similar for a while but haven't yet reached a suitable compromise between faithfully emulating stock trading and what is achievable in-game. Don't forget to push Webistics.
  2. Definitely. We already have a few logistics companies in operation. Seeing the sort of trade those guys bring in and the reliance the components system has on them, relying on player-operated companies to run the job market could only be a positive move. It would be great to see something like this implemented alongside the suggestions you posted on my Import/Export thread. It would make the legal faction scene a necessity rather than an afterthought.
  3. The majority of the server obviously cannot be trusted to roleplay anything of the sort without overly sexualising it or advertising such services in an unrealistic manner. As much as I hate advocating further regulation, this is an unrealistically prevalent issue that is just too prominent to be dealt with purely ICly through LEO intervention. Either add a "Personals" section to the /ads system that doesn't show up on the preview or lock the portrayal of actual escorting agencies behind admin / RPQM permissions.
  4. While I don't have a definitive answer for you, I've asked this in the past and received one of two answers: No, it's a bug (which developers are apparently aware of but hasn't been fixed.) No, only contract phones list contacts on the UCP (which is as weird and redundant as it sounds.) Sorry.
  5. Have you guys not met V-Dubsters (Volkswagen) or H.O.G. (Harley owners) members IRL? They're absolutely everywhere. Products as an extension of the self is something brands have been cultivating for decades and it's not unrealistic to have people roleplaying their vehicles as such. Props to you for your character's brand loyalty. This sort of thing is massively prevalent IRL, especially among domestic markets/manufacturers.
  6. I didn't expect this thread to blow up as much as it did but thanks for communicating the shortcomings of the current market to a newbie in a mature manner. As somebody that's been involved in real estate as a consumer (buying and selling of property and all the fun it entailed) as well as holding a Master's degree in Business Admin (I promise this flex is relevant) I may as well weigh in with my proposal: Edit: I get it seems steep but keep in mind that smaller houses and apartments actually have a negative multiplier to the market value to keep them co
  7. Sorry for contributing to necroposting but academic criminologists studying the Yakuza have noted that their activities in the US largely consist of: Money laundering Trafficking American-made firearms back to Japan for use by allied syndicates and resale Facilitation of prostitution through the Japanese tourist industry on the West Coast and Hawaii Needless to say that these three things aren't exactly what players have in mind when they think of portraying a realistic Japanese OCG in Los Santos. The truth is much more like an ancillary crew cleaning cash through karaoke
  8. It's a welcome and long overdue change from the inane chatlog spam. Well done, devs.
  9. Hello GTAW. Excuse my ignorance but what is up with houses (standalone properties not apartments) being traded rather than sold on the open market. Apartments are easy enough to get ahold of through a cash purchase but you only seem to be able to get a house if you already have one. When did this become the norm? Why is it the case? Do you have any advice to a relatively new player for getting on the housing ladder with only an apartment? Who is to blame for this insanity?
  10. This thread will document the highs and lows of Millie Crouch: lot lizard extr-whore-dinaire.
  11. Slamdance


    If you're new to the community, don't set your sights on getting a house any time soon. Most of them sell via trades (house-for-house) and few of them ever see the open market. You can see available properties for sale (inc. apartments) on the official map at http://map.gta.world which should give you a better idea as to which properties are available for instant purchase. For everything else: time and perseverance through roleplay.
  12. Yeah, same community until it splintered into Owlgaming and the others. I was on the MTA server around that time with Moroz and his Russian mob in East LS as well as Nikdude's crime family (Zaffarino or something?)
  13. I was tight with the Abbatemarco guys from .co.uk for a long while but most of them moved on from SA-MP and likely haven't discovered or don't have the time for Rage MP. There are definitely some MRPG guys from LS-RP knocking about here though.
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