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  1. How about fixing the factions that are already extant on the server? It's currently a watered down simulacrum of LS-RP where most illegal factions can be summed up as simply as "mafia but the characters are from X country." If you're going to make huge leaps in logic opening up some Bolivian Revolutionary Nationalist Movement faction on the west coast, at least put some effort into it beyond your character names.
  2. There's no such thing as "Brittish" [sic] accent American English isn't a language, just a variant. What you're thinking of in regards to the UK is local dialects and slang My issues is that a lot of British characters are simply players' idealised self-inserts. That and they're far too prevalent. Anybody from the Isles would be absolutely pissing with sweat on even the mildest Los Angeles summer day.
  3. @AVRO DANKASTER brought me here from LS-RP.
  4. Bad. By definition "throwaway" means that it is used for a short period of time for a specific task. This obviously does not involve the sort of in-depth and drawn-out character development that creates interesting narratives and nuance in roleplay.
  5. Ah yes, Compton. Definitely my favourite 'hood in Los Santos. Any faction roleplay where the creators lean a little too heavily into emulating it to a tee without much in the way of interesting character development has more in common with homework than roleplay. I typically avoid any faction whose thread is copied verbatim from an FBI report, streetgangs, or some other common source without any personalisation or adaptation to the setting in which it's being portrayed. Using real-life inspiration is a given, just don't be a hack about it. Great examples of how to do this right (in my most humble of opinions) are the Mizrahi crew and Hye Mafia. I promise I'll stop brown-nosing Bader, Samuel_Lora, et al. just as soon as they stop showing up the majority of criminal roleplayers.
  6. I don't know how long you've been gone but they require actual mechanics to repair and modify vehicles at auto shops now. They still exist, they just work a bit differently.
  7. Username: LuvMeAWh0re Comment: In ENGLISH please??? We gettin Nevada style brothels or what?? tired of havin to cross state lines just to get my dangle yanked 🍆🍆
  8. This should have everything you need. For everything else, I recommend hitting up the Discord.
  9. Still streaming, just not here. https://www.twitch.tv/treefittygaming
  10. Theoretically, sure. Objectively, GTA World is a product and we are its customers - ones that have all put time and/or money into it with the aim of helping it to becoming a more populous and accessible medium for roleplay. As such, it's only natural to speak out about issues that individuals feel may jeopardise that goal. The issue lays in non-constructive critique, flaming, and (in my opinion) splitting hairs over details those individuals don't have the credentials to posit solutions for, the former of which I imagine is the toxicity Nervous' post refers to. LSRP got around this (somewhat) with the creation of the Verified Discussion group where trusted community members could weigh in on issues and others could only read the discourse and benefit from the eventual outcomes. It was great in theory but for it to work there needs to be equal input from high-level administrators, management, and developers to prevent discussions from spiraling out of control or into the realm of feature creep. Certainly more manageable than the current solution of everybody shit-flinging in open threads and seeing what sticks after 20 pages when it's inevitably locked.
  11. Urban skins coming in as racist with no development and little knowledge of the scene is some of the laziest shit I've seen. Props to the SHARPs and punks out there keeping it real.
  12. Next to impossible without scripted support and/or a bunch of start-up capital for paying out profit on shares. I've been wanting to try something similar for a while but haven't yet reached a suitable compromise between faithfully emulating stock trading and what is achievable in-game. Don't forget to push Webistics.
  13. Definitely. We already have a few logistics companies in operation. Seeing the sort of trade those guys bring in and the reliance the components system has on them, relying on player-operated companies to run the job market could only be a positive move. It would be great to see something like this implemented alongside the suggestions you posted on my Import/Export thread. It would make the legal faction scene a necessity rather than an afterthought.
  14. The majority of the server obviously cannot be trusted to roleplay anything of the sort without overly sexualising it or advertising such services in an unrealistic manner. As much as I hate advocating further regulation, this is an unrealistically prevalent issue that is just too prominent to be dealt with purely ICly through LEO intervention. Either add a "Personals" section to the /ads system that doesn't show up on the preview or lock the portrayal of actual escorting agencies behind admin / RPQM permissions.
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