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  1. Vlad

    [SOLD] Squalo

    Looking to sell a beautiful black and white Squalo. Buyout is set at $40,000. Accepting offers. Contact me at 1289 or via email.
  2. The property is now up for sale as well! Buyout: $1.000.000
  3. The house is situated on Vespucci Boulevard and it has access to the Canals. Pretty nice view from the two balconies. The house is unfurnished, unfortunately. It has no driveway or garage. It is, however, a great property for a family or an investor. I am not looking to sell it under any circumstances. I'm looking to trade this property for one in Mirror Park / Rockford / Vespucci. I am mostly interested in properties that have at least a driveway, if not a garage minimum. I am also willing to add money on top of my property, if yours meets my requirements and the market prices are relatively equal. You can email in order to schedule a viewing or if you have any other questions. LE: I am now willing to sell the property. Buyout price set at $1.000.000!
  4. Vlad

    [SOLD] Fugitive

    Selling a Cheval Fugitive with performance package and a few security upgrades. I'm looking for $49,000, negotiable. Contact number: 1289.
  5. Name: Tom Burns Bid: $130,000 Contact Number: 1289
  6. Vlad

    [SOLD] Streiter

    Still for sale!
  7. Vlad

    [SOLD] Streiter

    Selling my Benefactor Streiter for only $90,000, firm. It has many performance and security upgrades. Please call me at 1289 or contact me via email.
  8. Vlad

    [SOLD] Annis ZR250

    125 for the ZR.
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