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  1. The only part of this I cant get behind is nobody is ig during school hours anyways. xP
  2. I know this is just the beginning of a new chapter for the boys. Enjoy your retirement @Flow
  3. The amount of actual personality shaming on this topic is insane. Just put them back, sound like a bunch of homophobes in here.
  4. Bangi

    Bellicose MMA

    First ss's in gta w woop. 😄
  5. I have no issues at all, and a fairly standard pc. 9th gen i5 and 1660 ti. I'd say keep it 350. I feel like the people having issues probably have env mods lol.
  6. Bangi

    Bellicose MMA

    OOC Section The organization will aim to portray a regional MMA promotion organization where top fighters from local affiliated gyms will be handpicked to compete. Thus, we expect all our fighters to live and breath the sport, make it a huge part of their roleplay. Fighter characters would be fighting on a semi-pro level, thus basic knowledge on MMA, the diet and habits are expected and should be a part of the character's development, essentially making the sport major a part of their lifestyle. The thread aims to showcase life behind the scenes for the fighters, among the managerial side of the organization. To spice the experience up for spectators, we're trying to have people voice acting real time, roleplaying as commentators via XMR. If anybody's interested to volunteer for voice commentating, feel free to reach out to us via our discord. You won't have to be bothered with any set-up, just voice com over a Discord channel. By affiliating with the faction, you're not giving away any CK permissions. Everybody's welcome to roleplay, and we hope to help you build a long lasting storyline for your character through the means of this faction. Screenshots on the thread must be approved by management before posting. To stay in the loop OOC'ly feel free to join our discord - https://discord.gg/HNjrdwuUuC
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