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  1. Sounds like a dm zone, going to have kids coming to school the next day with guns shooting people, etc. Nah, lol. Most of the RP'ers will be gang members, won't even be fun.
  2. Dual monitors, everyone in the PD recommended it, said it would help a lot. They weren't wrong.
  3. LoLo.Jpg


    You know what I meant, Lol. Yeah I can understand from the quality POV, although this will be out in the middle of nowhere and won't really be seen by anyone than the people that go out to paleto / those areas which are people that would most likely support this just based on having the object / ability to hop on it for photos, roleplay etc. I can definitely see how the animations are ridic although I could imagine they could be tweaked somehow potentially?
  4. LoLo.Jpg


    Donation / SAPR based on ranks, probably would have OOC rule limitations on where they can be used (not in the city area).
  5. LoLo.Jpg

    Bellicose MMA

    This is so fire, hope y'all stay active man. Love the roleplay very different.
  6. LoLo.Jpg


    Short description: Add horses + the mod that allows them to be ridden. Detailed description: This mod has zero asi files which makes it compatible for rage I believe. This mod adds horses, allows them to be ridden. Commands to add: /horse (to spawn?) /ridehorse /getoff? Items to add: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/horse-mod (Obviously not add the RAM truck as it isn't a lore vehicle) How would your suggestion improve the server? Gives the San Andreas Park Rangers more realism as this is one of their primary duties in real life. Brings new animals to the server as well as brings a new feature. Clearly the horse running animation isn't the smoothest, although I believe it can be fixed / ignored as it looks pretty damn nice I'd say. Also brings more roleplay and incentive to roleplay in the country. Additional information:
  7. Can y'all stop sexualizing this, it's not only creepy that you even have that thought in mind, but this is a serious suggestion for cosmetic roleplay purposes, this is a roleplay server and people roleplay being prego, having kids etc all the time.
  8. Honestly I'd rather this than a chick pop up with Child 1x (Goods) and try to get me for child support.
  9. No? it's a cosmetic item which is similar to dogs/cats, gives 0 advantage and doesn't interrupt with the server whatsoever, can be created as a donator item so it wouldn't lag the server whatsoever as well. People have to "rp" having a baby all the time, but nobody is able to roleplay the stages of them being a kid until they get a friend etc that makes another char and rp's being their kid at what, 12/13? Makes logical sense as funny as it looks.
  10. This can be closed, I've been made fun of for long enough! 😞
  11. Vapid Uranus - $60,000 $60,000
  12. Vapid Caracara 2020 A real mans truck, the Vapid Caracara 2020 - Only $110,000 $110,000
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