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  1. Pshhh.. ok cody.. -eyerolls in saas-
  2. Buying 12 year old SPAStic dog Selling the book called “BBS FOR LIFE TAKE THAT L”
  3. @FearnR Sad to see you go, wish you the best.
  4. See the thing is, I LOVE these guys.. I usually would hop into a poker match with about four guys that roleplay turkish/albanian/balkan? no idea but anyways, they would always push all in, all in, all in, and force everybody to go all in.. I started playing it to my advantage and slowly going along with it, until I had a VERY good hand and cleaned them all out because they were greedy. You have to learn how to play to your advantage, it's half luck half psychological. Done this about two times.
  5. I live in California and personally know that broad day shootings are the norm. People are RARELY killed at night time and if they are, it's usually a personal gang hit / bumping into another gang member at the club that has personal beef with you, or other gang members / a random bump in between gang members. I could link you to hundreds of news articles which would support this. The fact of the matter is that shootings can happen at any moment. Specifically between gang members which is far too common during these ages in California and usually done by the younger kids. Highly in support of
  6. I feel as if removing this would restrict roleplay / realism in a gunfight if anything. I personally have never done it, although I do give respect to the players that are skilled enough to do such, as long as their characters development has the proper type of training which would allow them to have such instincts. (Private Security, Police, Etc.). Although I can see how it can be abused.
  7. So basically myself and a few other players were thinking, WHY does a situation become voided when a player is banned?. It essentially seems if anything it would promote rule breaking if anything. Let me put it into perspective. X player shoots Y for no reason, clear deathmatch, X player then loots Y players items in public. This is breaking multiple rules, but Y player gets banned for an incident completely unrelated. The situation then becomes voided and the rule breaker gets to go on, breaking server rules until they're hopefully caught. To basically sum this up, I believe any
  8. Nope, my girlfriend knows I play and often watches me LOL. She laughs all the time.
  9. I honestly feel as if this should be stickied in the Information section. Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to type this out, a lot of players could definitely benefit from reading this as it's a bit of a gray area when it comes to admin punishments. Much appreciated, definitely a lot of key things to take from this.
  10. Why is it that there is no set time limits on punishments? Also curious why admins can use their own discretion when handling someones ban appeal? It seems a bit unfair how an admin can just feel a certain way about someone, and continuously extend their ban because they don’t “feel” they should be let back into the community. Like why isn’t there a set list of punishments when it comes to the rules?
  11. Yoooo, Danny Payne here lol 2008 bois where y'all at.. OGs man.
  12. How would this work when it comes to vehicle despawns though and stream lag? I can imagine this might be exploitable in some way?
  13. ds2 finally done, did mm2 last week
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