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  1. Fireeee ! Keep up the good work bluuuuud
  2. Highly agree to this, this shit is so annoying walking around and seeing players hair through their hats, arms missing etc.. It completely ruins roleplay 100%.
  3. LoLo.Jpg


    Interested in the Baller, will pay more than listed price. Contact me at 73116745
  4. highly disagree, my ic fap folder has exceeded in size.
  5. This beautiful lifted Canis Mesa has an Offroad Package, a custom paintjob from the body to the tires. Stock parts. Going for a quick price of $50,000. Call 73116745
  6. LoLo.Jpg

    Barrio 13

    SSB13 hitting a lick on some chino that was walking around alone at night with a /very/ nice watch that Miggy now owns.
  7. you mean they didn't play avicii - levels? wow fake smh
  8. danny payne from ngrp here lol
  9. This isn’t a light standards rp server though.. you need a real reason to get in gunfights here and if people abuse it, they get banned. It’s about realism, why come to a server with high rp standards, then expect low quality roleplay when it comes to damages? Makes no sense. It’s supposed to be realistic.
  10. exactly this, i mean this isn't a light-rp server, why shouldn't a headshot be an instant kill? it's hard to get guns, and if they're abused or someone has proof the player gets prisoned or banned? its pretty simple
  11. Couldn't agree anymore, I can't comprehend how it's possible for myself to shoot someone at point blank in the head, two times in the chest, and for them to still somehow roleplay living. You would lose an enormous amount of blood from that many shots and be instantly killed if we're being honest. Headshots should be an instant kill over 45 damage.
  12. My offer price: $165,000 Number: #16681721
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