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  1. Such quality shit my man, I'll miss Mav but this is the start to a new era.
  2. Good shit as always my man, really well done screens you are a fucking machine at this shit.
  3. Maverick The Mad "Short Life But A Merry One."
  4. Good fucking shit man, you did amazing with Kurt but this is next level.
  5. This got me some kinda fucked up...short life but a merry one brother..
  6. "A Short Life But A Merry One" "What are we going to call ourselves?" - Kurtis Bell "The Gutter Rats.." - Maverick Russell Theme Songs Background & Details Name: Maverick Russell Birthday: October 23rd 1993 Nationality: White/Unknown Height: 6'2 ft Weight: 170lbs Body Type: Toned And Fit Voice: Rough / Drug damaged / Tenuous Grasp On Basic English Pet Name: Booga ( Rat, 7 Months Old) Signature: Color Of Eyes: Hazel Color Of Hair: Dark Brown Hairstyle: Long Curly And Dirty Skin Tone: Pale But Tanned Scars: Cuts all over his back from falling through a glass table, gun shot scar on his left foot, scarred eyebrow from prison fight, large gash in his left arm from dragging broken glass along his skin. Tattoos: Being a tattoo artist with his own shop Maverick is covered in tattoos, most done himself wherever he could reach and some done by his girlfriend Rosabella Greene. Disorder/Issues: PTSD, Depression, Anger management issues, Struggles with past drug addiction. Clothes: Maverick dresses in all black normally found wearing his leather jacket and cargo pants along with a ratty pair of boots. Mood: Maverick is socially inept and deals with it by smoking weed and drinking rum every chance he gets most of the time turning him into the life of the party. Favorite Places: El Burro heights tattoo parlor (His tattoo shop / Home), Vecpucci Beach skate park, Mirror Park. Unique Items: His old best friends guitar, his old best friends knife with the letters A.T. carved in the side as well as Kanji writing, and his pet rat Booga whom he would die for. Love: Would kill or die for his family, anyone he takes close to his heart is his family - Currently with Rosabella Greene. Orientation: Straight Hobbies Tattooing, playing the guitar, drawing, getting high with his rat, BMXing, getting drunk and partying. Friends/Family Views Tattoos: Covered in different abstract tattoos, pirate themes biker themes along with random designs. Most notable he has a tattoo of a mutant rat on his neck with two tails (one for each leader) above it saying 'Gutter Rats', he would also have 'FREE' tattooed on his knuckles. Alcohol: Maverick drinks rum every second of every day, he only takes a break from drinking to tattoo. Drugs: Smokes massive amounts of marijuana, you rarely see him without his bong or a joint. Maverick used to do any drugs he could get his hands on but quit the hard shit after he ODed and went to rehab for a month. Junk food: Anything smelly and pungent. Gangs: Has ran a cartel, was an enforcer in The Knights Of Chaos before he left due to him and Kurt being the only ones keeping it alive and had to pay 100k off his head because of the Knights and now hates he was ever with them and burned his patches out of hate. He now runs The Gutter Rats along side Kurtis Bell. Smoking: He smokes like a fucking chimney. Murder: Has lost count of how many people has has killed so much to the point where he feels nothing when he kills anymore. Races: Tattooed for three different colored gangs in prison and avoided the white gangs because of their racist bullshit. Racists / Sexists: Nothing fills him with more rage then a racist or a sexist. Police: Mavericks life was ruined by the police at the age of twelve so he hates them with a fiery passion. But still knows when to keep his mouth shut and tends to have a bit of a silver tongue with them. Music: Folk is what he mostly listens to but he listens to some hip hop and punk as well as jazz when he is in the mood. Guns: Never without his combat pistol. Doesn't take chances. Maverick Russell, originally given the name Maverick Rat after being thrown into juvie with no last name since he was a street ( homeless ) rat but at the age of twenty-three, he changed it to Russell. Maverick was born into a small homeless camp in Liberty City, his father knocked his mom up after hiring her for her services and bailed on her as soon as he found out, to this day Maverick still hunts down his dad sometimes knowing one day he will put a bullet in his head. His mother tragically died giving birth to Maverick on October 23rd of 1993 and never got to name him so the camp named him Maverick and gave him no last name, his mom only being known as "Daisy". Maverick was raised by numerous different homeless people who had no idea what they were doing, one was a veteran, one was a hooker and the other was a meth head but the rest of the camp mostly kept to themselves other than Mavericks best friend Axel who was three years older then Maverick and taught Maverick to walk and talk, though he didn't learn well as he will always have a tenuous grasp on the English language, and no grasp on any other language. He lived a fairly normal life for a homeless kid, as normal as he could at least. He would beg all day on the streets and laundering around for some money, thinking of various ideas to steal and plan for some more petty cash, mainly home tired and dirty mentally and sometimes physically beat with only a few cents to show for all of it and that all went to food and drinkable water for the homeless people that raised him and they would give him only enough to survive. Because of this Maverick was not a very healthy kid and he was quite scrawny, so naturally, he developed a bully that lived in the camp. Now Maverick didn't only hate this kid because he made his life hell around every corner, he also hated him because he had both his parents and they all lived in a tent together and that is something Maverick would never have. Maverick always knew one day this bully would start causing serious problems, but if he ever knew the problems he would really cause Maverick would have left the camp a long time ago even as young as he was. In 2005 Maverick was twelve years old. Every day he would wake up and run to his best friend Axels tent and they would spend the day on the streets pick-pocketing, stealing, panhandling and throwing rocks at trains, that was the age Maverick started smoking weed when one they found a joint in a cigarette pack after snagging a purse. The two young teenage boys climbed on top a billboard and looked over the city talking about how they would run it one day together as they got stoned out of their minds. the two boys stayed up there for hours just talking to one another. Finally Maverick pushed that they should go back home so Pete (The homeless vet who took the most interest in Maverick) wouldn't beat him again for staying out all night. Maverick snuck back into the tent without waking Pete and climbed into bed falling asleep smiling after a great day, he would chase this feeling by getting stoned every chance he gets for the rest of his life trying to go back to when things were still good but..he never would feel that way again, not after everything that happens the following night that sets his life into a permanent spiral that he would never be able to pull himself out of no matter how much power or money comes his way. Maverick woke up the next morning foggy headed and woke up Axel as usual so they could go panhandle to get some food but Axel was incredibly sick and couldn't get out of his sleeping bag. So Maverick decided he would just do it alone that day, he would always have time to hang out with his friend in the future. Maverick spent all day on the streets asking every person he saw for change. After about five hours Maverick had enough to buy a bag of chips, so he ran all the way to the store the change jingling in his pocket. He walked up to the counter and slammed down the change and a bag of salt and vinegar chips, his favorite. Maverick walked home singing sea shanties Pete taught him as he always did when he was in a good mood. Maverick opened the chips and he turned a corner and right as he took a deep smell of the tangy vinegar the bag was ripped out of his hands by who else but..his bully. Maverick never even bothered to learn the kids name all he knew is, he hated him and all his hard work was just ripped out of his hands, Maverick would later learn to control this rage inside of him but at this age..he was controlled by it. Maverick was overcame by rage and balled up his fist ready to charge the kid but right as he took a step forward, the kid being twice as big as Maverick shoved him down with ease into a puddle of mud getting Mavericks only clothes wet and dirty. Maverick quashed the rage inside him as the bully walks away laughing with a mouthful of chips, something inside Maverick snapped that day he had enough. He walked to his tent and just laid in his sleeping back for hours staring at the roof of the tent imagining how he would kill this piece of shit and have no one else find out, he was determined and nothing would stop him, or so he thought. Maverick waited until it was dark out, he had no way of telling the time but he assumed it was about 3:00 AM. He snuck over to Pete and took his sharp Ka-Bar from under his pillow careful not to wake him. Maverick let his oversized muddy sleeve fall down over the knife hiding it so nobody could see. He walked carefully and slowly to that kids tent knowing he would be dead soon no matter the cost. He carefully opened the tent careful not to make too much noise so he wouldn't wake the kid, though he knew his mom was out hooking and by this time his dad was passed out drunk dead to the world so they wouldn't be a problem. Maverick carefully walked into the tent his heart beating in his ears seeing tunnel vision, he was ready to kill. But Maverick didn't make it very far into the tent because little did he knew Axel saw everything, he saw him get pushed in the mud and he saw something snap in his eyes and he wouldn't let his friend make a mistake that would last a life time. So he followed him from his tent at a safe distance careful not to be seen clearly used to living in the shadows, Maverick would never be prepared for what happened next though, Axel made a little too much noise as he opened the tent flap and Maverick already seeing tunnel vision panicked and quickly spun around using his momentum to slash the knife. Next thing he knew there was blood pouring out his best friend throat all over his muddy wet clothes. Maverick dropped to the floor holding his friend and his body fell going limp but his best friend gave him one more look in his eyes and manged to gargle out "run" so Maverick did as he was told, he ran and he ran tears pouring down his face not knowing what to do his entire life destroyed in a matter of moments over a stupid bag of chips. This would not be something Maverick would ever recover from, he would drink every chance he got from this point on to stop the PTSD, but even though he thought it helped, it didn't it just made him more numb to it happening. The twelve year old boy covered in mud and blood and tears ran and ran through the streets of Liberty tripping over his own feet unable to see past the tears the snort beginning to burn his nose. Maverick took a sharp corner around a block and bumped straight into a police officer, and this officer was not a fan of street rats. He obviously took the boy in for questioning and Maverick knowing nothing about the law told them everything thinking honesty would get him out of it. That would unfortunately would be a very hard lesson he would have to learn making him never trust the law again. Maverick was sentenced to six years in juvie and would spend another four years in a high security prison being transferred from the city of Liberty City to the city of Los Santos. Mavericks first night in juvie was the most horrifying night of his life, he wanted to cry over the death of his friend, over the loss of his childhood, over that fucking kid that was still alive in the stead of his best friend. But Maverick didn't cry he knew not to show fear, he knew now was not the time to be weak. Every day Maverick kept to himself not talking to anyone feeling an unbearable pain in his chest every single day. He learned to eat with his elbows on the table and to make friends with the cooks. He learned how to find contraband the longer he spent there forcing him to talk with people. The first person he got in contact with was a 17 year old Mexican kid who ran a gang, Jose. At this point Maverick was now 14 and he had accepted all this as his life and knew he had to make some friends if he wanted to improve his life. He traded a hand crafted pipe he had made for a single joint, Maverick worked in the garden and waited until it was early morning while he was spraying pesticides on the garden he crouched in the tall plants and used a prison lighter made out of a gum wrapper and a battery to light the cigarette. Maverick finally felt happy for the first time since he had been locked up. Not knowing what else to do and not being able to read very well despite having to take classes in juvie. Maverick begin to draw all the time, at first it was shit but the more and more he did it working every day he got slowly good. A year later when Maverick was 15 he learned though a kid who was 17 about to move into general population prison how to tattoo. That kid was the main tattoo artist for every gang in prison and he wanted to leave behind someone that could continue his work, and saw Maverick working on a drawing in the court yard one day and knew he was the right one for the job. This kid let Maverick tattoo all over his legs letting him fuck up and learn from it until Maverick got really good and did an entire sleeve for him. The kid showed off the sleeve to all the gangs and introduced Maverick. Maverick quickly decided he wouldn't tattoo for the Neo Nazis as Pete the old army vet was black and taught Maverick right, but continued tattooing for every other gang. This would cause Maverick some problems. A few months later Maverick was doing laundry alone and one of the skin heads walked in aggressively grabbing him. Maverick had a shiv from one of the gangs which he quickly pulled out and violently solved the problem (Find out how in game) he quickly ran to one of the gang leaders that had tattooed the face of and said he didn't know what to do. Two man went down for Maverick that day and they would die in prison. He was moved to prison in Los Santos 3 years later. Maverick spent four long hard years in prison changing him, he quickly got a reputation as a tattoo artist and started tattooing for three different gangs. Maverick kept his head down and never let the guards find any of his tattoo equipment. He made friends in prison that introduced him to home made prison liquor that they made with sugar basically creating a rum of sorts. It was all he did for the last two years, he lost motivation in his art in his friends and started not to care when he got out but because he didn't do shit so he got out without spending any extra time. There Maverick was out on his ass, an alcoholic with PTSD with very little education only knowing how to tattoo. After awhile he started hanging around an MC called 'The Devils Angels' and found out the presidents old lady named Lia owned a tattoo shop. Maverick brushed up on his skills and showed Lia his art, she was very impressed giving him the job. After only a few short weeks she quickly made Maverick her head tattoo artist. Maverick did this for a long time and became a hang around for The Devils Angels getting an old buddy from prison to fix him up an old rusty bike. Maverick over time learned how to fix his bike up by his own hands. Factions Maverick met two girls named Mercedes and Luci, they were starting a cartel and took Maverick in, Maverick desperate for family took this up. After only a few weeks of being in the faction they promoted Maverick to be a leader and gave him his own gang. Shortly after that was when Maverick a man who would become his best friend, Anton Tanaka. Anton and Maverick spent every day together getting fucked up and watching TV talking about life. after awhile Antons sister joined the cartel and Anton told her were they got their guns and it would be the biggest mistake he ever made. Mercedes dragged him out to their clubhouse and surrounded Anton with about 10 men with assault rifles. Maverick stood right next to Anton knowing it might be his last time ever seeing him. Anton seemed to almost be talking his way out of it when Dustin Mudd gave him to the count of three to explain himself but..he shot on three and everyone lit their guns up ripping Anton to shreds. He always said he wanted to go out with a big boom, and a big fucking boom it was. After Mavericks best friends death he turned to drugs, he quickly started doing anything that would get him high he didn't care what it was or how he had to take it. Maverick had hit rock bottom, Nazis stole his van and burnt down his trailer in sandy shores, so Maverick was again homeless though he had a lot of money left over from the cartel. Maverick spent an entire year living this life until one day he met someone on the streets that would change his life forever, Kurtis Bell. Maverick and Kurt started talking and Kurt took pity on Mavericks situation giving him food and water to drink so he wouldn't die. When he first gave Maverick a sandwich with plastic wrap around it Maverick was so high he ate the plastic. Kurt left Maverick live under his roof but Maverick took advantage of that and started using drugs on the couch until one day Kurt walked in with Maverick passed out a heroin needle sticking out of his arm, Kurt woke Maverick up with a gun and Maverick freaked out wanting to die. He pressed the gun to his forehead and screamed at Kurt to pull the trigger. Kurt didn't know what to do so he shot Maverick in the foot and Emma patched Maverick up after he dragged himself outside and called her. Kurt and Maverick became friends again and they both felt bad. One day while they were hanging out Maverick saw a small thin brown rat run under Kurts truck and he quickly climbed under and loured the little guy with some crumbs in his pocket. The rat quickly bonded to Maverick and he named it Booga, this rat gave him the push he needed to quit hard drugs for good. Maverick and Kurt joined The Knights Of Chaos and after awhile were the only ones there keeping the MC alive so they left with heavy hearts. But they luckily left in the right time because The Knights were shorty after all slaughtered the only survivor was Matthias a kid Maverick took under his wing. Maverick paid off the men hunting them down $100,000 for all their heads. Maverick and Kurt were lost and needed family so they formed their own gang, they formed The Gutter Rats. The Gutter Rats are a group of like minded people not to be fucked with, they stay in the shadows and are there as a strong force when needed by any gang they have made friends with. "Friends are fuckin' family, and family? That shit is for life."
  7. Of course man you keep me wanting to come back for more too.
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