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Found 2 results

  1. "The city is a prison, you stick to your bread and butter and choose wisely who your family is, period!" "What are we going to call ourselves?" - Kurtis Bell "The Gutter Rats.." - Maverick Russell Theme Songs Head Shot - Kurtis Bell Background & Details Name: Kurtis Michael Bell Birthday: September 28 1997 Nationality: Canadian / Scottish - Now American Height: 6'2 FT Weight: 202 Pounds Build: Athletic Muscular Voice: Deep / Hoarse / Slight Canadian Accent Pet Name: Diesel ( Rottweiler, 8 Years old R.I.P ) Initials: Eye Color: Baby Blue Hair Color: Hazel/Dark Brown Hairstyle: Bald or Short Buzz Skin Tone: White/Pale Scars: Many since he's moved here, three on his right arm, five on his left arm, few on his legs, one on his right cheek, two on his chin, three towards the back of his head. G U T T E R would be scarred into the left side of his head, one massive scar over the left-top of his head that was marked from the blunt end of an axe, Figure everything else in game. Tattoos: Inked from head to toe, everything on his has a meaning ( find out IG/IC ) Disorder/Issues: Anger/Temperament, Night Terrors, Insomnia, PTSD, Depression ( find the rest out IC ) Clothes: Mostly something loose or skater-ish or a suit/dressed professional depending if he's working, pretty relaxed and casual, he does love his whites and blacks. Mood: He's always friendly until someone makes the first mistake, can have a temper from time to time. Very -very- protective of his family/friends. Place of Interest: The City, Sandy Shores, Farms, The Beach, Mirror Park, Anything to do with trails and the mountains. Unique Items: His guitar, mothers key-chain and his dog from his home out back in Canada ( Diesel / R.I.P ), Camera and his BMX. Love: Very Loyal, Very Protective and overly fond ( When in a relationship ) - Currently Single. Orientation: ( Figure it out IC ) Hobbies Music, Guitar, Working out, Photography, BMX, Skateboarding, Cooking, Motorcycles, Movies and more! ( Figure out the rest IG/IC ) Friends/Family Views Tattoos: Kurtis would be heavily inked from the top of his head down to the tip toes of his feet, literally. Most staple ink would be his Sclera ( Eye ball ) that's inked black. Many upside down crosses would be ( Black ) inked around his back, neck, hands, fore-arms and legs. "MUM" inked over his left shoulder. Various other memorial tattoos could be seen over his torso and boy. Everything else seen (IG) would be apparent. Scarification: G U T T E R - Carved towards the back side of his neck. Upside down cross ( Carved / Scarred ) towards his right thumb. ( R A T S ) towards the left side of his head, various others known ( IG ). Alcohol: Not overly into drinking/getting drunk, he appreciates the few beers offered when with his family or friends Drugs: Only smokes weed with his close friends, does not smoke that much all, if anything just cigarettes. His downfall drug was Xanax from some time ago. Junk food: Depends on his situation or if he has anything planned for the week, sometimes he can be known to devour a twinky or two every other day Gangs: He knows why and where they come from, he understand how difficult it is to be in the city and around the wrong crowd, to each their own in his views. ( Running his own gang with @Rat0verlord ) Smoking: He smokes only cigarettes, rarely weed if that Murder: Depends the place, time and why. Some people need to be either sent as a message, be put down or simply let free Races: He loves everyone unconditionally until they make him see otherwise Racists: Hates them with a fiery passion, would love to kill them on the spot Police: Does not mind them, but does not like them. Some to him are friends, some are the worst Music: His life, passion and his free-time. Hip Hop, Country, Rock & Metal. He loves mostly all types of music, though prefers Hip-Hop Instrumentals and Rock. Guns: Needed only for "important" meetings Kurtis Michael Bell was born in Canada, British Columbia into a somewhat loving family. He was born as the only child in his 'farming' family, his mother " Bailey Bell " a well-known chef for a small local business called | Ovella's Water Cafe| and was most often on call for most of her time there, his father "Michael Bell" was busy mostly taking care of the house, farm, animals.. including their dog Booker and Diesel & the surrounding acres that they bought into. Kurtis had baby-blue eyes, was born quite hefty and grew into a fine young kid that was sculpted for farm work. Kurtis was quite the normal kid, was often doing well in school.. usually getting straight B+ to A's and that's exactly how got his first guitar from his father when he turned the age of five, always practicing every day for hours, it was one of his most loved passions besides riding his bike and cooking with his mother when she was home on off-time. It was about at the age of seven when Kurtis started to know some mishaps and faults around the house, seeing more beer bottles piling up and seeing more papers on the table each day, bills piling up and fewer vegetables growing in the field and fewer animals being sought out for butchering, no more meat selling as it was the year before. Kurtis didn't really pay attention to it too much due to he was always fixated on his grades in school, always trying to impress his mother and father more than usual, he had a bunch of friends he would also play with after school towards "Old Gordon's Garage" usually looking at all the abandoned scrapped cars and various scrap pieces of metal. It was about October 18th when Kurtis was ten and started to get more serious into his music and guitar, writing and playing more and more each day, learning how to use chords well enough to keep up his fingers to his own lyrics he'd be writing in a small near-worn down note-book that his parents got from some second-hand store and also learning how to use a little program ( FL-Studios ) on his 'first' computer that he set up in his room. His school life started to get a bit more difficult as he started to see his father get more aggressive per month, though he still didn't truly understand but had a small little guess due to his mother wasn't working anymore and was mainly staying inside the house instead of helping around as she use to. September 28, 1994, Kurtis turned sixteen and couldn't be happier, his mother saved up all the money she could and bought him his favorite guitar he's been looking at since day one | Martin Acoustic | and was overly joyed with it as soon as he took it out from the case, his father was not there to be seen or to be around for the few weeks between and after. For the first time ever his mother broke the news of her cancer and how it was starting to spread and how the bills on the table and the farm becoming less frequent was due to her paid treatments and needed supplements to keep up to date and 'pace' with the two boys inside the house. The news utterly ruined Kurtis's birthday and ruined his mood for most of that year until he started to pick up his work around the farm. Farm work wasn't easy, it was something that pained him but learned to love, learned to enjoy the smell of the dung, the animals that surrounded him, the smell of the peach trees and the beautiful scents that carried in the wind towards the pig-pen when he was feeding the pigs, but to most men it was hard work and handwork meant hard earned money, a true figure. Kurtis never really used guns unless it was his fathers' rifle when they went camping and hunting out towards the sticks, usually a good thousand feet up, hunting for Elk or Moose. Often the trips turned into the worst of deals, usually with Kurtis with a few bruises on his face or towards his stomach, usually no food in the truck, just a pile of empty beer cans and some ammo missing. It wasn't the best deal out of the bunch but it was still some 'alone' time with his father. Kurtis was withdrawing a bunch of pain and guilt over the course of the years. At the age of his eighteen grades fell drastically as did his love for music and his father. His mother was getting more sick by every month, his father drunker and they eventually lost the farm, the animals and their property and moved into a small apartment just outside of the few acres they use to own right beside a small little factory that mostly produced bread and wheat products. Kurtis was in a major angst in his life, he was starting to hang out with the wrong crowd, taking his time into the city and getting into various thefts, hanging with some 'city' crew, usually riding his BMX to the skate-park and hanging with his friend Matthew and Christopher that often where hanging around the "hood' of their little town, usually ending in drunken stoopers and smelly jackets that smelt of weed and booze. His father and mother where always unimpressed and judging him due to this factor, usually calling him out and harming his mental state around the house. Kurtis's mother passed on during November 15th, 2018, he was only nineteen when he found out from the hospital phoning their land-line, his father was out at the bar getting drunk with his friend Micky. Kurtis grabbed his fathers gun and went out shooting, went to their old farm on his fathers' motorcycle that his father bought earlier on that year and decided it'd be a good night to shoot some cans, this would eventually lead to one of the most painful nights of his life. An old worn down truck with a back missing window eased down the long and muddy driveway of the farm, the lights near blinding Kurtis as he'd try to hide the rifle, though was too late. His father got out of the truck and walked up with a beer in hand, his friends gathered around him just as drunk and found his fathers motorcycle shot up, some cans around it shot to the side with various holes littering the grass behind it. Kurtis was beaten into a pulp that night by his father and his 'merry' men, claiming it was his fault for the painful process of the family and his needs to show off his grades during school, making his father seem weak. His father left him in the mud, blood lathering over his face and looking quite pained, laying there for most of the night until he got up himself and rushed home to call the cops and watch his father get locked up in the back of a cruiser and taken away. Kurtis went to university after awhile of taking care of the various bills that started to pile up, graduating in a year course for photography and design out of some university in the lower-mainland. It wasn't much but something still he could hold tight under his belt and keep him afloat if in need. Kurtis got a job half-time at the Factory beside his 'families' apartment and at a small chicken farm down the road from where he use to live, his old neighbors place to keep up with the tuition and various things he'd need to proceed in class and assignments. Turning twenty was a harder time for Kurtis, the family was everything. His family was his life, his spark, his feed that kept him going as was his friends and the music that followed. He tried to keep up the apartments bills with the shitty job he had at the factory & chicken farm that only paid the bare the minimum, there was too much debt pushed into his fathers' name. Kurtis was overwhelmed and was overly uncomfortable in his current condition where he lived, he was still young and was still just barely scraping by on what he could. Kurtis phoned up his buddy Matthew and asked if he could stay with him only to be declined due to he moved to the United States, he did the same quickly to Christopher later that week and got rejected instantly " Your family is fucked up man, I can't keep up with that shit, my mom would kill me..". Kurtis grew to his wit's end and got tired of his situation, he knew nothing was going to change unless he moved and started his own slate, somewhere beyond the bushes and somewhere no one really knew him or his fathers bullshit and away from the shit-industry of smog and wheat. Kurtis packed very few clothes in his backpack, sold most of his fathers possessions and the very few things he could of his mothers, only keeping her photo and a small key-chain she had for the key to her truck, everything came seven hundred and fifty-five bucks, just enough for a ticket and enough to last himself a few weeks to find work to this so-called "Los Santos" paradise he's heard of from his friend Matthew that moved there earlier on that year for university. Kurtis grabbed his guitar and back-pack and did the only thing he thought was best and move, another life, another slate done clean and start his own 'family' in due time. Figuring out what he wants out of it all, let it be fame, fortune, troubles and harder times than before. As to what happens when he takes the step onto American soil is up to his nature. Naturally progressing as a musician or perhaps further deeper and more questionable assets await. Current State Nothing is easy inside the city, it was clear once Kurtis saw his first death on a boat with his friend Maverick Russel, some rapist they saw on a boat beat dead in front of him with a bottle and their own boots. This shit wasn't easy for the Kurtis to handle, let alone to deal without making himself look weak to those around him, only being the little to few friends he had at the time. Causing him to look devastated and lost, he's never really harmed anyone besides standing up to the few bullies in high school, seems all that is coming to a big stop and some things are bound to ever change. Coming into the later months Kurtis found himself more appreciated than he ever thought, finding some of his best friends within a small commune in a place on the beach, most of them consisting of "bikers" and other no-gooders. Kurtis fell hard with the 'family' vibe and ended up doing various small tasks, gradually getting his own cruiser ( Western Zombie Bobber ) and riding with the "Boys' that surrounded himself as family. This all came down to Kurtis growing more violent, more defensive and always trying to take care of his friends, family and loved ones around him to make sure that he wouldn't have the same mistake happen again, himself left in the mud bloody and dry without his family there to pick himself up. Seems after a few months went by.. everyone inside the "CLUB" started to either be a no-show or just started to "promise" high-tides and come in with low grounds, saying that the life will be a great one if everyone works together, yet it seems to be the case of fools gold. Kurtis and his best friend @Rat0verlord have spent the past few months organizing, dealing, pushing and playing out product to most of the people in and around Sandy Shores, Vespucci, The city and more.. alone. They grew sick and tired of the same old game of waiting and hearing false accusations, even more tired of being ridiculed for being in the 'wrong' patches and finally came to the conclusion ( after destroying Kurtis' bike ) and had the first meeting of the "Gutter Rats" with his new-found crew, thus starting a new beginning. The crew decided to let Kurtis lead forward and move their operations out into the city, focusing and moving back to their roots, family in.. and family out, no lies and no ties. (As for more about Kurtis, there is plenty to learn and plenty to find out. As to what you'll be to him now or down the line is up to you. See you in game, have any tips.. let me know!)
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