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  1. As above stated, it's random and due to RageMP. Reconnecting usually will solve the problem (for that time). If not try reinstalling it, but then still it might pop up every now and then.
  2. The last error that you provided with js should be gone when you reconnect. If it isn't, try reinstalling RageMP as that's where the error is coming from.
  3. @ryanroxta11 is your question answered with this?
  4. Rockstar itself states that you can try to repair it by using the discs or using command lines (click). If that doesn't work they state you have to reinstall it. Can you reply if that solved it?
  5. If your friend had insurance on the vehicle at the time it was destroyed, it will be paid by the insurance company. Not sure if this is with the paycheck or right away. This is also described in the Department of Motor Vehicles feature documentation.
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    Archived in that case.
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