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  1. If I log off inside my property, when I log in, I keep spawning, not outside my property entrance, but where my property is mapped. So, if a property is mapped on the rooftop of a building, I spawn on the rooftop. If it's mapped halfway across the map from the actual property location, that's where I spawn. Correction: This only seems to happen post-crashes.
  2. Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but... If you were talking about drugs like meth and heroin, sure. Yes. And honestly, there should be a lot more drugs so people don't go from smoking a joint to shooting up tar. A lot more people would be likely to use some benzos and oxys, I think, that's a problem with the drug system that really should be looked at, I see a lot of people renaming ecstasy to other drugs because they simply don't exist. But I see a lot of drug use on the legal side, and have occasionally helped supply it on the illegal side.
  3. I don't mean this in an offensive way, but this makes me wonder how often you interact with people outside an illegal faction. The majority of non-illegal faction characters I know does marijuana, AT LEAST. A lot do ecstasy and coke occasionally, too. Maybe this is because I self-select and make legal characters with a seedy side to them, but still... And while I'm thinking about it, my illegal faction character has also given and sold drugs to legal characters. Taking one specific example, have you been to, say, ULSA? I am pretty sure you're aware that there are drugs being sold a
  4. The ridiculous crime rate in Los Santo isn't an IC problem, it's an OOC problem. There will never never be enough detectives and resources to handle just the homicides alone. Ever.
  5. Generally speaking, the population of Los Angeles does not actually consist of Brits, Eastern Europeans and hardened child soldiers.
  6. To the people who say "arm yourselves", that just makes people a more appealing target for robbers, instead of making robbers fear for their lives, as would be realistic. Robbers are very familiar with the meta, that a quickly copy-pasted "/me points a gun at their head" is practically an auto-win button. So, if someone actually draws and shoots them, they complain about non-fear RP. If someone draws first, they complain about poor portrayal and PF warriors. As if trying to rob someone you believe is carrying a gun, for example, by straight up walking up to them and drawing, wasn't non-fear RP
  7. Some extortionists also ask for amounts that mean a business can't really run a profit unless the owners open it constantly, especially if it's a small niche business or one with a lot of expenses, which just leads to interesting businesses shutting down rather than dealing with it. However, that type of extortionist doesn't care, because they don't know the business, never even set foot there unless it's to collect or threaten the owner. For them, it's just a few extra grand at the end of the week that make them feel like big scary dudes, rather than any kind of accurate portrayal of anything
  8. People love to mix up IC and OOC when it comes to Facebrowser. Some trolls love commenting on OOC aspects having to do with picture quality or body shape or whatever (often due to the fact we are playing a game with limitations) as though they were IC, instead of granting people the courtesy of suspending their disbelief for a moment and running with what they were obviously trying to do. It's whatever at the end of the day, not that important, but you're still being a dick OOC.
  9. Obviously, refusal to pay should not be grounds for a CK (honestly, neither should reporting the incident to the police, these are normal behaviors that in 2020 civilized countries do not represent non-fear RP) barring circumstances like actually being a shady business owner or allowing yourself to get involved with the criminal group in question somehow.
  10. Pretty much this. I'd like warmer weather overall, and a more natural distribution of rainy weather. A couple of rainy and cloudy days followed by sunnier days would be better than sudden, random, brief, rainstorms. More than the amount of rain, I feel like the main issue is the unpredictability and randomness of it.
  11. The field of vision and awareness of your surroundings of first person camera is extremely limited compared to real life. People already run up behind other characters and paste pre-written /mes of hitting people or putting up a knife against their throat as it is, disregarding things like the noise of their footsteps in an otherwise empty place at night, etc. Just roleplay it.
  12. I agree, but it's also one of the most active scripted businesses. It actually happens a lot that it's the only one open, which creates unrealistic behaviors, like people driving their sports cars from Vinewood to Davis LTD for notes or whatever.
  13. RP fear properly is not going there at all.
  14. On the other hand, if the local RPers are going to be all "it's supposed to be a scary place, just don't come here", then admins might as well exclude Davis LTD from the gas station and grocery store scripts that make it so you can't make purchases in other businesses when one is open. That should make everyone happy.
  15. Username: smarias86 Comment: No wonder Halford won, he had that 12-year-old Nazi vote on lock.
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