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  1. Changed my mind. ((This can be locked and archived. No longer needed.))
  2. Not to be mistaken with the building across from the LTD. That's "3 Lindsay Circus". Exterior:
  3. Bay City Avenue bottom floor: West Eclipse Blvd Duplex/Apartment: Please contact me at [email protected] ((PM ME)) if you have a spot in one of these areas for sale.
  4. Did you make a private deal? I posted buyout but looks like you sold it to someone else.
  5. Buyout. Let me know when you're available.
  6. Good game, it lived up to the hype. They just need to fix the bugs.
  7. Does anybody know how to do this? I keep getting an error upon game start up when I make my mods folder and add my dlc.rpf's. My game crashes.
  8. I have one with plenty of after market upgrades ((fully maxed out)) and I'm asking 240k. It has 100 miles.
  9. Username: Pee Flaco Comment: up next... 💙🖤
  10. 180k as my bid. Let me know what's good.
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