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  1. best faction on the server, hands down
  2. Jeffin

    Tiny Menace

    Name: Tino Gipson a/k/a Tiny Menace Age: 20 Height: 6'2 Background Information: Tino Gipson resides on 23rd Street and is a local Long Beach Insane Crip. Tino is heavily affiliated with the gang and has very deep roots with the gang. Tino is a local drug dealer and scammer, he makes sure that he has some type of money in his pocket. At a young age Tino didn't really like school and knew that it wasn't paying him any money. He would always be around the area and hang with his older cousin Kerry "Tray Dog" Foster. Tino would always making money from dope dealing, until hit began to find out how to use the dark web and other things. Jorden's parents didn't approve of the life he began to live but he didn't listen. Tino now lives in his baby moms apartment in Vespucci Beach, he pays all the bills there and make sure she is always ok.((WIP))
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