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  1. Mileage doesn't affect the weight of the car. /vscrap literally means you sell your car to a scrapyard. But I agree with need to do it at player owned scrapyards.
  2. I hope people do realize that when admin is spectating you they see every single message of urs like PM in their chat. It's literally nothing more than a /pm in a car. If anything it would only make it easier to catch a metagamer since they'd prefer /cb instead of discord or some, so ye.
  3. Supported, useful feature.
  4. Fix the quote please. It supposed to be Pod lezhachim kamnjam voda ne chechot.
  5. Or just use photoshop which is about 10 times faster. ?
  6. This aint no South LS OCG this Srpska Remove Kebab straight up.
  7. Well it clearly has to do something with the more recent updates of the game and drivers. I will run some tests and come back in a day or two to determine possible causes.
  8. In La Mesa there is alone like what 40 car models standing just like that? Busch Logistics, Gruppe 6 and FD.
  9. It's because of the new FD/PD/Civilian car mods which were added in 4k originally now dropped to 2k. Just try driving out of the city and you'll see what's causing it. There is too much shit spawned around for MSAA to not fuck up fps.
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