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  1. going to be missed, man. 😞 rest easy.

  2. Username: 1990wasbetter Comment: quick to judge on the response, but what about those 11 families that lost their fathers/mothers? warnings were given, people had time to leave. don't defend criminals.
  3. Username: karen_mckenner Comment: how dare you speak of women like this??? dont you know women hold all the power?? its just misoginistic men and the pay difference holding us down!!! stop mocking women you fat cisgendered pig!!!!
  4. Why are homeowners the problem when the gangsters on rub tag a cop's house with 'snitch' for calling the cops while there's an unmarked outside?
  5. ****EMERGENCY CALL****** Location: Mirror Park Situation: Some gang bangers just did a drive-by on the local HOA! We need help!
  6. We all live in Poland without 'la'.
  7. 'i'm 13 you cant arrest me wtf'
  8. Interested in acquiring that Sabre Turbo. Drop me an e-mail.
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