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  2. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Username: DissChriss Comment: Best pawn shop with the best prices.
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  4. It only takes you a day to lay hands on a gun in all states, but in this state'll take you a year to get one.
  5. Indeed, I see that two guns a month is quite low, also the fact that you can only buy pistols and shotties makes it even worse. I'm not saying there should be ARs and SMGs, but the allowed amount should be increased imo, could be two guns every two weeks? Or as you said 4 a month... Or maybe it should be related to your character activity to avoid farming guns on your characters, eg: if you have 100 hours+ played , you will be allowed to obtain 2 more guns? anyway, I'm hoping we find a better solution for this.
  6. yeah either remove it or bump it to 3 per day?
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