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The Martorano Crime Family

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A summary on the modern Philly operations and rumors about Los Santos branch-off.

Dave Schratweiser - 21st October 2019


If there ever was a code of silence, an idea of honor and loyalty, it’s disappeared a generation or two ago. It was a phenomenon, the Cosa Nostra experience - but it has played itself out. You see guys breaking the oath, more & more arrests racking up each year, but even still, it’d be a mistake to ignore their presence in the modern day.


It’s best put in the words of Capeci, ‘They're beleaguered, battered and bruised, but they are far from wiped out.’


The Philadelphia Crime Family can more or less be summed up in three words - bloodshed, respites and betrayal.  Ever since Angelo Bruno’s days, it’s been a rough journey for whoever may be in the driving seat, from Testa all the way to Merlino himself.  But over the other coast it seems that the families have faced a constant power struggle over the last few years. The influence of the Los Santos Crime Family has been like a pulse rate of an old man in his death-bed, you hear of them well established for a few months, and you see a bunch of indictments and prosecutions in the next. The fact that the current administration and hierarchy is deeply obscure, it remains unknown of who’s at the top, or even if there is anybody. This is why San Andreas has always been an even playground for mid-western, as well as east-coast families.


The most notable case being of Dominic Montemarano , a Colombo captain relocating to Vinewood ever-after his release in 1990s along with his then-associates Angelo Sisca & Paul Longo. 


With the Philadelphian underworld historically riddled by informants, co-operators & high surveillance, decorated figures getting a chance to make good legitimate money with minor rackets on the side while the street-gangs of Los Santos outshadow their presence, they haven’t shied out on cashing in - making the Philadelphia mob no exception to this pattern of having a satellite crew. 


In the early 2010s, it was reported several alleged members with ties to the Philadelphia family were involved in Philadelphia's booming construction and home rehab industry that has recently spilled into San Andreas.


In the past few months, Joseph Campo, a staunch figure with a notorious history has been seen frequenting Los Santos. It’s believed he’s backing Philip Martorano, another long-time inductee, in the process of getting a strong grip in the construction industry of the city. 


Upon relocating, Campo & Martorano were also seen at the Sabella’s multiple times, a small-time bar run by Louis Sabella, brother-in-law to Montemarano loyalist & inductee Angelo ‘Little Angie’ Sisca.


Although the city of Saints has always been prevailed by street gangs, it wasn’t long until Campo’s associates started creating an influence, dabbling into several rackets much alike to their home roots ranging from union racketeering, loan-sharking & narcotics.


Meanwhile, Campo & Martorano remain in the shadows, reportedly infiltrating legal industries - from landing legitimate State Contracts to having a tight grip in the MMA industry of the city.

Crippling indictments rain on the Philadelphia Mafia, alleged Captain Joseph Campo faces a stern sentence.

George Anastasia - 24 November 2020


The Philadelphia mob, much like a house of cards, has had its shaky foundation hit with a sledgehammer with over 15 members indicted on several charges. 


Joseph Campo in particular, already going through trials since September pleads guilty after being held for months.


He’s a long time inductee, what most insiders would term, ‘a stand-up guy’. 

And as a result, we have him looking at 15 years in state prison.

Decimated by turncoat witnesses, Joseph Campo allegedly spearheaded the Los Santos faction of the Philadelphia mob. After his final retrial last week, Campo pleaded guilty to several weapon charges. 

Sources say Campo turned down many offers to cooperate, adhering to which, he would’ve faced a significantly less sentence.  Instead, the father of two chose to live by the code that has been broken countless times by no-one better than Philly guys. 

Over the decades, we have seen the code of silence being more and more ineffective. 

But Campo refusing to open-up on his dealings and associates is a display of how in a dying breed, there are still a few old-timers out there, living by their ‘rules’.


This has led to questions on what the current state of the LS branch-off is.


A week before Campo pled guilty, Phil Martorano, closely connected to Campo in Philadelphia's Los Santos cell was seen in Philadelphia.

Sources reveal he liquidated his South Philly home and permanently moved to Los Santos with his wife and kids. The father of three is speculated to be the natural and the most successor to Campo, spearheading the Los Santos faction upwards of fifteen associates.





In addition to this, we’ve seen multiple known inductees, Paul Migliaccio

and Nathaniel Agro make frequent appearances in the city and be in Martorano’s circle as of late. After the convictions & Campo's arrest, naturally, these guys have gone quieter in their presence. These figures are more than likely sent to be backing Martorano in his new position. Both Longo and Sisca have been spotted at Sanetti’s ongoing construction site in many instances, a company with Martorano listed as an investor - sources showing close ties between the two crews.




(Left to Right - Philip Martorano, Nathaniel Agro, Angelo Sisca & Paul Longo)


Although the Philly Department's going back and forth with San Andreas to keep them in check, the city being predominant with street gangs and motorcycle clubs catching all the eyes, these guys enjoy the shadows it puts them in. They’re heavily legal, and they’ve channeled a lot of their energy towards businesses rather than the old and extreme ways, and so far, it’s seeming to work. Reports show alleged ties with the local teamsters, construction, the fighting business of the city, among many other things.


But again? It works as far as these guys see money coming in.

They start going out of business, I could see numerous fraud, extortion and sharking cases coming up in the coming decade too.  At the end of the day, these guys are off their way with the administration’s blessing, so they are bound to keep their proxies and envelopes moving no matter what.


Independence Day for the West Coast Mafia?

Adam Campbell - 20 January 2021


The American Mafia’s heyday feels like a lifetime ago, and its old guard or ancients, are soon to be forgotten. Dominic Montemarano, a high-ranking Colombo goodfella, passed away in January 2021 due to heart failure. He was 82. 


Montemarano, or better known as Donnie Shacks, was a Cosa Nostra titan with a remarkable past. Jerry Capeci described him as a “colorful wiseguy and former football player, who worked as an actor and palled around with everyone, from mob boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico to Hollywood stars.” Shacks starred in a self-produced movie, Night at the Golden Eagle, in 2001. 


Shacks reigned over a motley crew of wiseguys in East LS following his move from the East Coast to the West Coast. Among them were Angelo Sisca Jr., Paul Longo, and Louis Sabella—all of them Amato loyalists who previously operated out of Sheepshead Bay. What will happen to the captain’s seat remains a mystery, however sources claim many of Montemarano’s circle have been holding mafia moot to decide the future of their Colombo West Coast faction.


Philadelphia captain Philip Martorano and Colombo soldier Angelo Sisca Jr. have been spotted congregating outside Teamsters Local 3623’s office, and outside the Lucky Goose—a mob hangout in downtown LS—with Paul Longo. Insiders say that the half-retired Colombo captain, Carmine Lupo, has taken an airline subscription for his regular visits from LS—NY, even rubbing elbows with George Borgesi, a high-ranking mobster in the Philadelphia family, in South Philadelphia.


All these leads make for an interesting path to follow. With heaps of indictments raining down on the upper echelon of Philadelphia, and Montemarano’s ship tragically sinking, one can speculate about the West Coast Mafia’s very own Declaration of Independence soon enough.

Credits to @The Dirty Duke for the final article.

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The Martorano Crime Family aims to provide a realistic, immersive Cosa Nostra (LCN) environment on the West Coast.


Our emphasis lies on character development and story-building with the intent of contributing to an authentic, classic experience of the American Mafia for all our members. Members of this faction understand that progress within an LCN dynamic takes time, and the spinning of a long-running, intricate story stands above the need for a fast rise of rank. Any character may become involved and associated with the Martorano crime family as long as their story permits this — we also strongly encourage and welcome characters who are not of Italian descent to join us, given the Mafia’s barren state on the West Coast.


We want to warn those interested that the affiliation process may be time-consuming and difficult, but not impossible. Involvement in organized crime takes some effort, and those who vouch for you are also responsible for you, making it risky for a member to introduce an outsider and bring him into the fold. A grip or understanding of LCN’s inner workings is recommended, but not required. The American Mafia has many intricate rules and traditions to abide by and these may be daunting for a newcomer, but your character will be taught and tutored over time. Cosa Nostra is a society filled with crooks, thugs, racketeers, and other kinds of career criminals who all chase another man’s wallet. It is embedded in deceit and and cut-throat politics; you should understand this going in.


Recruitment is strictly handled in-character. We have a Discord, but it’s used with minimal interactions in order not to blemish the story we portray. Members receive an invite upon association; but again, association may take time. Prospective members are subject to the faction’s character-kill clause. Upon any attempt to associate with the Martorano crime family, the faction’s administration reserves the right to kill your character for any reason seen fit. Lastly, leadership authorization is required to post screenshots on the thread.


Any questions may be directed to @Members Only. Feel free to reach out for any concerns or inquiries.


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