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  1. Why not just look on the browser?
  2. Tyler.


    Buyout lowered.
  3. Tyler.


    L&A - Rent Only Now
  4. Tyler.


    Still taking offers, will pick the best soon.
  5. banned for false banning, goodbye.
  6. Tyler.

    Cops turf camping

    We had that many PD members turn up because ONE of our faction members were drunk in a turf. If this isn't boredom idk what is
  7. Tyler.

    Cops turf camping

    Not bashing rn but these replies getting stupid, PD know for a fact that no faction but them have weapons yet their main excuse is 'don't shoot at them every night' lmao, nobody shoots AT pd, they're either fighting another gang/person and being constantly followed by PD. Suarez, you have also admitted that they camp turfs but still want to go against it lol, shit's getting pathetic and it'll be reasons like this that the playerbase will most DEFINITELY drop as soon as everyone's allowed outside again or people will eventually get tired of the way the server's being ran in favour o
  8. Tyler.

    Cops turf camping

    Most definitely, getting ridiculous now, this is also a /DISCUSSION/ not a bashing so I see no reason for it to get locked.
  9. Tyler.

    GTA V - FPS

    Probably the i5 and 1660, you need to at least upgrade your CPU if not both. Edit: The 1660 should be fine, it's probably being bottlenecked by the i5. Also try setting GTA V's priority higher in Task Manager and considering using the OC tester in MSI afterburner.
  10. Either SARP, PRRP OR NGRP.
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