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Favorite TV series

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Big_Smokes    173

At the moment / ongoing, Power is one of my favourites. It's about a New York city drug king-pin going legit.

(Game of thrones as well)


Concluded has to be True Detective (Season 1). It's about two Louisiana State Police homicide detectives investigating the ritual death of a young woman. One of the best series to ever grace my television screen.

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Arnzeal    45

For me Game of Thrones takes the win. Never been much for high-fantasy stuff with dragons and all-powerful gods and undead icezombies but thankfully they’ve only played a minor part in the series up until Season 7.


The sheer complexity and intelligence behind the series combined with amazing writing by George RR Martin is what made me come to love it with a passion. I very much enjoy historic timesettings in my series and especially the medieval era which is a big plus for me.


Other than GoT I enjoy the series Vikings, being a Swede myself it makes for an excellent viewing experience.


Can also recommend The Last Kingdom which is about the Viking invasion of the Brittish Isles, but this time you’ll follow it from the Anglo-Saxon perspective.


They are my 3 primary series in that order. Also watch Billions and House of Cards from time to time.



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Christofo    15

Game of Thrones
Walking Dead
Strike back
Seal Team

Six History
Designated Survivor
Chicago PD
Chicago Fire
Blue Bloods
Big Bang Theory
How I met your mother
8 Simple rules
Seal Team

Code Black



(Not in order above, I have literally around another 20+ more, I am a huge TV show fan.)

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Lionhearted    97

Chicago Fire - The day to day struggles of fire & rescue personnel and the issues that arise in their personal lives.

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Bursy    45

I never used to stray much further than series like; The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and other popular ones. But I've come to really love some detective shows, Broadchurch was especially good but only lasted three seasons.


Started on Narcos and Sons of Anarchy not long ago too, good shows.

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King Enemy    0

The Walking Dead

Sons of Anarchy

Prison Break

The 100

Narcos (does this count?)

El Chapo 


George Lopez

My Wife And Kids

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Hunters

A Haunting



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