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West Side Tongan Posse

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Rokas    200









Polynesia consists of many different islands such as Hawaii, Fiji,  Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga, most  of which are under British, European and American influences. However, there is only one remaining kingdom in South Pacific and that is Tonga and, therefore Tongans are very proud of their culture, freedom, self-independence and their unity as a people. They have a strong identity and self worth.


In October 1773, European explorer Captain James Cook landed in Tonga. On his arrival, Tongans swarmed his ship, smiling, friendly and ready to trade. After his visit, Captain James Cook named the islands the ‘‘Friendly Islands of Tonga“. Certainly we can learn something good from this unique culture. It can teach us good citizenship, friendliness and compassion. Because of this reason, many islanders living in the American society will hold strong of these cultural values. This certainly good. However, the younger generation is becoming more Americanized causing them confusion and misunderstanding between the culture and the American society.






When we speak of island gangs in  L.S. - T.C.G., S.O.S., P.V.C and so forth, it is to be made clear that a small minority of the island groups belong to gangs. Unfortunately, it is the old problem of a few ‘‘bad apples‘‘ contaminating our perception of the whole tree. The fact  is these bad apples need to be dealt with effectively (with little or no tolerance). The following information will better inform you of their criminal activities.


A. The Origin of T.C.G. Influence

The T.C.G.s, as a general rule, originally hail from the Los Santos area (primarily Davis, Grove Street) where they are known to be aligned and interacting with predominantly black gangs (Crip sets). The T.C.G.s in Los Santos are more hardcore than the T.C.G.s in homeland, mainly because T.C.G.s in Los Santos have learned and associated with the hardcore Crip set, therefore, they are more sophisticated in their organizations in order to compete with other Los Santos hardcore gangs. In other words, the T.C.G.s in Los Santos are forced to quickly adapt to the Crip gang activities.


In the latter part of 1988, the hardcore T.C.G. gang members in L.S. began to feel heavy pressure from the local police. They needed to escape, therefore, they began to live with relatives, friends and cousins. Once they arrived, they started to influence the local Tongan youth. During that time, our Tongan youth had seen the gang problems in L.S. through the media, newspapers and public theaters. For local Tongan youth, to hear that there were hardcore Tongan gangsters from Los Santos have raised anxiety and pride to know that there are ‘‘Tongans“ in gangs.


When the Tongan youth hear of L.S. T.C.G. parties and hangouts, they flock there to check them out, watch and listen. While observing, they see the hardcore T.C.G.s from L.S. dressing down, telling stories of drive-by shootings, murders and so forth. And to these youths this is attractive, cool and the ‘‘in thing“ to do. Therefore, the local Tongan kids began organizing the local T.C.G in L.S.


In some cases, the local Tongan kids go down to Los Santos to live with relatives and cousins and again are influenced by gangs.


For our Tongan kids in L.S. who are school drop-outs or are kicked out of schools or rejected from school, they have found that belonging to a gang (T.C.G.) will give them a sense of belonging and a sense of pride. Therefore, they eventually become leaders of these groups and become the hardcore gang members. The hardcore T.C.G. members have been incarcerated, have left the gang, or have been sent back to the islands by their families. Unfortunately, their marks have been left behind for the younger youth to engulf.


Kids of every origin find T.C.G. to be the most popular gang and the ‘‘in thing“ to do. This fits into the analogy of ‘‘monkey see, monkey do‘‘. These T.C.G. influences have spread throughout other states, as well as Internationally.


Instead of following the examples of their parents in adopting a work ethic to realize the ‘‘American Dream“, the Tongan children (stages 3 and 4) are choosing to emulate the culture and life-styles of the dominant black gangs out of the Los Santos area called the ‘‘Crips‘‘. To this end, they began ‘‘Blue Raggin‘‘ (wearing and carrying a blue print bandana, the Crip ‘‘Flag‘‘), ‘‘Saggin‘‘ (wearing pants too large so it will hang low exposing underwear), and flashing handsigns. In general, they adopted the mannerisms and philosophies of the Crips. To describe themselves, their gang affiliation and outlaw philosophy, they chose the name T.C.G., Tongan Crip Gangsters.


Because we are dealing with gang problems, we will familiarize ourselves with two Island groups: Tongans and Samoans.


West Side Tongan Posse

It is one of the T.C.G.s sets operating in Los Santos, Davis, Grove Street. The members ages in this gang vary from 15 to 19 and more are mostly high school drop-outs. Gangbanging in Davis is still very much alive in the year of 2020. The gang members ethnicity is primarily Tongan, with Samoan and Fijian and a small percentage of African American, Asian and white Australian, New Zealand members. W.S.T.P is known as having a friendly and pacific connections with their allies – Sons of Samoa. The area they operate at is packed full of their mainly rival sets, such as: Bloods, Sureños, Norteños, Avenue Piru Gang, Park Village Compton and Carver Park Crips. The T.C.G.s crimes include drug trafficking, home invasions, extortion, burglaries, auto theft, credit card, bank and federal fraud, identification theft, murder, arson, prostitution, hacking, child pornography, kidnapping, crimes against the elderly. T.C.G.s are mostly involved in small time narcotics with operation geared towards their local areas. Marijuana is the most common type of narcotic being handled by these T.C.G.s. Cocaine is often purchased through local source in small quantities when available. It is unique to know that alcohol is more popular than drugs with T.C.G.s, due to their lack of sophistication.





The faction's essential goal is to illustrate a fictional interpretation of legal/illegal based street gang – Tongan Crip Gang, with our own taste of roleplay, which takes place in Los Santos. At the current state of IC, there's no hierarchy, no existence nor plans for the gang. Which leaves plenty of room for development and paths. This faction aims for realism, and by realism comes time. Players who wish to sonic through the ranks, then this isn't for you, everything will be ICly decided by occurring events. Everyone's capable of putting a mark in our role-play and be the leader, no matter the OOC leadership. The most important thing in this faction is your character development. You MUST to understand server rules, we don‘t tolerate trolling or foolishness. By joining this faction you must understand what you are getting into and do some research before diving into such role-play. We will always do our best to help those in need of it, with that being said we want players to role-play proper and not off the boat characters. We take the right to CK anyone who associates being with this organization. You need to send your CK permissions to myselfChinatown or Santiago. Any questions, or concerns regarding the faction can be sent to myselfChinatown or Santiago.


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Symka    138

Something interesting, best of luck and congrats

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