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  1. too fucking fireeee keep it up
  2. nobody can beat Grant's character, by far the best the server has ever witnessed
  3. $outheast Asian Money Getters, $AMG Minds of Billionaires, MOB Hustle Motivate Grind, HMG Is a Southeast Asian movement for many backgrounds of characters such as Cambodian, Laotian, Hmong, Karen, Vietnamese, Filipino and other East Asian members being a minority in the group whom are connected loosely or even affiliated with different Southeast Asian gangs in Los Santos and others such as but not only to, Asian Boyz Crip Tiny Raskal Gangster Asian Gang Black Dragon Family Menace of Destruction Vietnamese Boyz Asian Criminals Oriental Lazy Boyz Laos, Cambodian, Vietnamese (LCV) Original Asian Gang Oriental Troops Gang Power of Vietnamese Crazy Brothers Clan Exotic Family City Crip Suicidal Town Crip Tiny Oriental Posse Viet Ching
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