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  1. Shaderz

    This would be a good solution. I suggested something similar in the same thread that was posted above, but instead of working with commands, it would automatically calculate the amount of time you spend in an interior which technically would be when the lights are on. So the more you roleplayed in your house or business and the more people used it, the higher would be the pay. On the other side, this can discourage people from using them, so I'm not sure to what extent the pros outweigh the cons here. That system worked fine on OwlGaming when it was used but as someone who played a good large amount of time there I can tell you for sure that not many people adhered to the insurance script, mainly because it wasn't properly advertised enough though and many factions gave up on it because it was boring as there wasn't much roleplay involved. However, I'm sure that won't be an issue here, as GTA World has the triple or quadruple of the playerbase OwlGaming had and there will certainly be more time and room for such a thing to be properly done here.
  2. Shaderz

    Mixed feelings. I think this is an interesting concept and definitely something I would love to see implemented but I personally am not sure exactly how to go about that and the way you described it in my opinion isn't quite the best option. I believe one of the big downsides to this is how it literally forces roleplay on others in the sense that it doesn't give them the option to voluntarily take initiative to call your company and create passive roleplay themselves, it's red tape roleplay if it's forced upon them by a script which in reality doesn't really change anything in the grand scheme of things if you dig deep down into the roots of this. When players log in, it is usually assumed that their characters have taken care of their daily basic banal stuff unless specified otherwise in their roleplay. Say they didn't call maintenance, so their utilities are shut off and stop working according to what tends to happen in real life if that is the case. How are the consequences of this going to be enforced? Certainly you can't expect admins to check on every house or business all the time to make sure owners and their residents are roleplaying things properly? That's unpractical, which means this will have to rely on the players - which often is dangerous when not properly regulated. Imagine someone finds their way around this system and thus powergames and is caught days or weeks later, is all of this player's roleplay going to be voided because he roleplayed something he shouldn't of in the first place and his rule breaking changed the way others interacted with him? Now imagine not only one, but a bunch of people doing the same thing. Can you see the issue here? The risk of the above happening on a server which peaks at 400-500 players during week days and 600-700 during weekends if not more, is enormous. It's one of those things that it's inevitably going to happen because not everyone can be arsed to roleplay such mundane tasks and I personally don't really blame them, especially those who barely even make use of their properties - which of course is their fault but it's their house and I personally think it's unfair to force them to roleplay in there if they don't want to, this is a game after all, business wise it's different though. Not just that, though, but unless you make things interesting somehow, I can see this being one of those scenarios where the technician goes to a house or business, roleplays fixing or changing whatever is needed to ensure the proper maintenance of house utilities and the owner just stands there still the whole time or just answers a few /do's. You also should put yourself in the player's shoes and ask the following: What do I get out of this? How does this help developing my character? What difference does this make to me? Don't take my reply as me discouraging or demotivating you from going ahead with this project but rather me bringing up some concerns which I see unequivocally being a thing if this gets added. I still believe this is an overall good idea but the way you described it should happen is in my opinion the wrong approach to this. I think a lot of script support will be heavily needed but again not in a way that feels forced. Either way, I genuinely wish you good luck with this.
  3. While I agree with most of what you say, and while people are absolutely entitled to their own opinion when it comes to enjoying or not medical roleplay, they need to understand that when it gets to a point where the fire department has to be called on scene to treat them, it's not just about them anymore but everyone else involved; this means the patient(s), the fire department, the police/sheriff department at times and the civilians - so it is selfish of them to drop their standards because they don't like it, as it essentially kills roleplay for all sides. I think it is not completely their fault, however. I am personally in favor of simpler medical roleplay, while at the same time keeping minimally realistic standards. This would imply that there would have to be clearer out of character communication between the patient and the medical personnel in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page but sometimes this is not very practical because the patient is usually not compliant and takes minutes to respond to a single roleplay line, making everything harder for EMS and that is genuinely annoying because if I'm putting effort into my roleplay, I expect it to be reciprocal.
  4. Shaderz

    UnitedGaming on MTA back in 2013 was my first, but OwlGaming was definitely where I grew up on as a roleplayer.
  5. Shaderz

    This is said all the time but the reality is that the quantity matters and a lot more than people think it does. The server shouldn't focus or prioritize any of the two, but find a balance where while maintaining or even increasing the quality, they are able to increase the numbers simultaneously. New and inexperienced players shouldn't be outright banned. I understand it may be frustrating to work in a place and have newbies come across you, you want quality roleplay and so do we all, but how are these newbies expected to learn and improve? The same place they are now is the same place most of us were a few years ago, they deserve a chance and that chance doesn't always have to come from admins, but the players themselves too. Did you come across a player who is new and doesn't know how to properly roleplay? Offer guidance, assist him, mentor him, answer questions. Don't jump to reporting him immediately without trying that first. Is he not willing to learn even after you have tried? Report.
  6. User: Heaven Comment: So proud to have been a part of this, I hope you all like it! Can't wait to see what the future brings to us!
  7. Shaderz

    I would be down for this but under very specific circumstances. You would need to adapt this to the fact that in the end we are just playing a game. For example, these colleges could lecture people specifically on criminology and both the Police Department and the Sheriff Department could make it a requirement to attend two or three days which would then be roleplayed as two or three full years (or whatever other degree they deem realistically fit). Same with the Fire Department, but fire science. It would be pretty interesting to see something like this being done and it would certainly enrich the background and development of many characters that decide to follow this career path. Two or three days should not be a big deal. An issue I see is the scheduling of classes due to timezones, so that would definitely require a lot of out of character involvement and planning. All in all, I think we could give the above example a shot and see how it works. If it proves to be a success, then we could perhaps expand the classes into other subjects to cover more diversified sectors, but it all needs to be done slowly and patiently, which takes time.
  8. Shaderz

    Probably not the best thread to do this but I would like to give a big shout-out to Shane Mitchell for the great character portrayal and roleplay standards. Our characters did not come across each other for the best of reasons nor are they certainly on the best terms currently but he surely managed to make my experience and time interacting with him totally worth it.
  9. I remember visiting this store once or twice and I can not say I have any complaints, the roleplay was great and the people I interacted with were pretty nice and friendly. I do not know why it was turned into a liquor store but I want to believe it was within legitimate reason because if not and judging by the comments a lot of people have left on this thread so far, plenty of roleplay opportunities will be lost.
  10. I absolutely agree. As someone who regularly drives in real life, and so I think most people here do as well, it can get quite scary if you're going at an insanely high speed out there with ongoing traffic. The chances of losing traction of your car are incredibly high if you are not an experienced driver and I think a lot of people fail to properly roleplay that here because in the end it is relatively easy to drive a car on GTA. I don't think admin punishing these players for doing this is a solution though, I would say start enforcing character kills on players who crash their vehicles at ridiculously high speeds. If you're going way over the speed limit, you're unequivocally disregarding your character's life and not fearing for it because you know all it takes to effectively die is a bad swerve and you're done for. Driving at high speeds is a risk people take and it should weigh on your conscience if it goes south. I'm not entirely sure if this is already enforced but I can't say I have seen anyone getting character killed over crashing their vehicles at high speeds, and I see these happen on a daily basis. Enforcing this won't kill all unrealistic driving, as that will never accurately happen, but I'm pretty sure it will significantly bump down the number of players who do this.
  11. Shaderz

    Did you know? It's impossible to hum while holding your nose.
  12. Shaderz

    Someone who doesn't own a gun, legal or illegally, and stands heavily against the current gun laws and public (open or concealed) carry.
  13. Due to the fact the server was pretty new to me when it comes to the script and the community members themselves as I barely knew anyone, I had to start simple and take some time to adapt to the way things are done here, which is what I did. I started off roleplaying what I have pretty much done for a few years now and what I am also most comfortable with which is fire department roleplay but once I had a feeling that I had already gone past the first stage of adapting, I decided to leave my comfort zone and try new options, new stuff which curiously enough happens to be what exactly my character does at the moment, still a legal character but does something entirely different from what I used to. I don't find legal roleplay repetitive at all, as opposed to what you say, however I fully respect your opinion. I think a big mistake that people make when they try to portray a legal character is set out a plan for what exactly they want him to be in the short and long term both personal and professionally. While this in theory may seem like a good thing to do, what most people fail to realize is that roleplay does never go as planned due to it being what I like to call a dynamic improv, so the plan is naturally subject to failure sooner or later. If you decide to robotically act with your character in a way that every scenario he engages in has the same impact to him every single time, and he doesn't learn from losing which is necessarily something that happens on a regular basis, it surely will get repetitive because you aren't developing him at all, you're stagnating, so it feels like you aren't progressing at all. To answer your last question though, I personally am not opposed to illegal roleplay at all, in fact being myself someone who has in the past had characters in a big number of illegal factions, I heavily encourage it. I don't like to judge though but a note I will leave here about illegal roleplay is, despite the lots of good stuff they have provided the server with, what I have seen here plenty of times so far from illegal roleplayers though is them trying to use their illegal characters and use the fact they are illegal to their advantage to try and intimidate legal characters in order to win in certain scenarios. Sure, it makes sense in some cases to do this, but the point here is they shouldn't always go around with this kind of aura around them when they're not in their comfort zone, in fact what I believe is in some circumstances they should act more legal than most legal characters out there, so they can hide their true colors to the public and take advantage of that. I'd love for my legal character to engage with some illegal characters, but in a legal fashion, without having to be associated with them in any way, shape or form by rivals or other organizations just because I'm hanging with them, but that's practically impossible I'm afraid. I hope I'm wrong in this last bit though. In the end, and despite everything I said above, I am very much okay with people roleplaying whatever they want so as long as they do it properly, within reason and it makes them and those around them satisfied, be it legal or illegal. This is a game after all and it's all about having a good experience here as long as you follow the rules and what is expected from you.
  14. Shaderz

    uh what