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  1. I think really it is just a product of the present gaming environment. You look at the top games being played on Steam and the majority are competitive multiplayer games that promote winning to unlock lootboxes, skins, weapons etc - the enjoyment comes no longer from the playing experience, but from the thrill of not knowing which item you will get. Now you have a generation of gamers who have grown up on said games (and older gamers who have adjusted), and ultimately the enjoyment of games for them comes from acquiring resources. In my opinion that is what we see on this game, the only differ
  2. I do not think it can really be commented on until the features showcase is produced to see what is actually scripted and how much of the script is involved in the process (to simplify a complicated concept), otherwise it is just assumptions. I assume the "IRS" will investigate irregularities that are flagged, which means for people who were not able to follow the parameters of the script, which I'd assume would be very low as people would know those parameters(potentially - they may not even be released and it up for criminals to find out). I think the whole idea is to provide more role play
  3. Because a lot of people on this server are very judgemental instead of just letting people play the game how they want to play. You only have to spend one day on #general on discord to see this.
  4. I think the interiors actually do play a part in it, and I think it'd be better if clubs made their interiors a lot smaller. A lot of the clubs on the server have spacious interiors that just make club RP look awkward, it looks like IRL when a club first opens and people are just standing around waiting for more people to arrive before they feel confident enough to dance. It is easier to make the interior smaller than it is to try and attract the amount of people to fill these spacious interiors, and I think it looking busier even with the same amount of people would improve the vibe within a
  5. It'd be interesting to see a clean/dirty cash system but I don't know how it would work given we don't declare tax, and don't really have receipts for our income - it would need serious script development. I do not really think there are many issues with the economy and I think Nervous + development team deserve credit for making it a closed economy whilst having a right balance on time spent vs. money earned.
  6. A lot of forum "IC" VPN comments come from people trying to be funny OOC, the usage of a VPN gives them an excuse to not act like their character would.
  7. I think the issue is GTAW (and most roleplay games) is a microcosm of certain specific characters. For the majority, everyone wants to be, or is, a top gangster, an army veteran, a criminal exiled from their country, a young beautiful person who is also a millionaire and so on which in the first place creates an alpha mentality of your character vs. others. Then you have a setting in which these characters constantly interact through social events i.e. you can have an arrogant college student, a ruthless gang member, and a hardened criminal all within one venue with all three thinking they are
  8. Could not join the server on 1.1, so I hope that is fixed.
  9. Yeah, tried that but still no luck.
  10. Still not able to load the 1.1 server. Only happens with the 1.1 servers. Closes whilst Rockstar Social is doing it's loading screen. Process list below.
  11. I have made the changes to the config.xml, as well as restarted my computer but the game closes. It happens after Rockstar Social Club begins loading and then the Rage Launcher closes whilst the Social Club continues to load, but then that closes too. I connected to a non-1.1 server and it worked. I've put my process list below.
  12. Isn't it already a rule? If it's not realistic, it's against the rules.
  13. You do have a point. The property tax prevents those who cannnot afford the tax to not purchase the extra homes which is what it is there for, and why it should stay. But for those who can afford it they are more likely in the future to not sell those houses unless they are willing to take the loss, leading to properties being hoarded. Fundamentally, the issue is that the only things to buy on this server with your money (of a significant amount) is property and vehicles meaning owning more than one property or vehicle is quite achievable which is why the measures are there in the
  14. That's an issue with the script then if they over earn and is up to management to make the decision to have it adjusted. As far as I'm concerned they earned their money through the IC means available to them. Whether it's realistic or not is a different question, but that's up to management. Because I do not like OOC micromanagement - especially on things like cars for stupid reasons like they are "too fast" or "handle too well". I don't think it is anyone's business to judge someone's role play based upon what car they buy, but getting rid of one car just means they'll b
  15. I do not like the precedent of restricting everything high-end behind an OOC application, plus the more things for people to invest their wealth into the better. If there is 'improper' use (whatever that is) then report them.
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