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  1. PaigeWalker

    Is that the lowest your willing to go?
  2. PaigeWalker

    Changed mind, no longer for sale. King Regards M.Billington
  3. Username: M.Billington Comment: We all know who's to blame here!
  4. PaigeWalker

    Semi interested in selling my Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio. Leave your offers down below and I'll get back to you.
  5. PaigeWalker

    How long did everyone's take when joining the server for the first time?
  6. PaigeWalker

    Guys it's only been just over a week... Fantastic news! Well done! Us as a community are lucky to have such a great staff team :)
  7. PaigeWalker

    When it'll be done or that's when we'll have an ETA? Blonde moment ?
  8. PaigeWalker

    Do we have an ETA yet guys? :) =D
  9. What time will the server shut down? Do we need to take screenshots of our items ect? Good luck. We are all behind you
  10. PaigeWalker

    Good afternoon, I know a few people looking to sell. If you have a budget I'll gladly discuss this with them and then put you in contact with them?
  11. PaigeWalker

    I didn't mean to, I was trying to delete my post but couldn't on my phone ?
  12. PaigeWalker

    I know a few people I can speak to? Whats your budget?
  13. PaigeWalker

  14. PaigeWalker

    No longer needed, can be archived.
  15. PaigeWalker

    Short description: Add More Vespucci Canal Houses Detailed description: Over in the Vespucci Canals there is at least 75% of the houses not scripted into the server. I understand that these houses are very upmarket and from a RP sense only the wealthy can afford these but there is alot of demand for these houses on the server. Commands to add: I do understand that there is alot of houses to chose from in the server, but I RP as a semi retired British business man and it wouldn't make sense him living in Grove Street. How would your suggestion improve the server? Simply more houses to buy for more players.