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  1. Ministry

    You know it mate. Roleplay has changed loads over the years though, a lot to get used to.
  2. Ministry

    2011 - 2013 LSRP for me, 7 year break from committed roleplaying and a mortgage means I need to go back to my younger years and get into games again.
  3. Ministry

    I'm not too clued up with the cinema script but I presume people can still watch the fight whilst roleplaying which obviously flips it on it's head. If we have a better client to use for the fighting whilst upkeeping the roleplay IG then this is a brilliant idea. 🤙
  4. Ministry

    I watched a fight IG couple nights back, whilst it was a proper lag punch fuck fest the roleplay around watching the fight was good. By taking the fight off the server are we not just halting roleplay for the 30(ish) people whom have gone to watch? I don't think it's practical to have it on another client, and it's not practical to use /me's. Therefor they can continue scriptwise bashing the mouse button if it was my call.
  5. Ministry

    I’ve got a 2018 focus diesel for work and my trusty mk4 Astra banger racer!
  6. Ministry

    Sound. Cheers for the help.
  7. Ministry

    Hi all. Am I okay to download GTA via steam to play on the server? Had issues in the past with SAMP where it wouldn't work if the game had been bought through steam or something. Thanks in advance.