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  1. Ministry

    Shit's going down. Looking good lads
  2. This sounds pretty realistic to be fair. The small time brewery will never be able to compete with the bigger companies, they can supply at a much more competitive rate which the bars and clubs would obviously prefer to buy. Smaller breweries seem to make headway by opening up their own hipster bar specialising in the locally crafted beer. Maybe this is the way to go?
  3. Ministry

    If people took a step away from watching others, found them self a group to RP with and actually played the server for what it's intended for they would have a much better time.
  4. Ministry

  5. Ministry

    Also this.
  6. Ministry

    Anybody who thinks you can only open a nightclub when it's dark is silly. I've been to clubs countless time's when it's light, it really doesn't matter.
  7. Ministry

  8. Ministry

    This is a fair point. American's I play with are 5 hours behind me, so the server is dark when they hop on after work at let's say 5pm.
  9. Ministry

    I'll take it. Please e-mail me your number ((forum PM)).
  10. Ministry

    What is the buy-out? Still $46,000?
  11. Ministry

    Fresh character bud. I get it, everyone is here to RP at the end of the day and the PD want to get there taste of the action but it can kinda kill others experiences in the process.
  12. Ministry

    The quantity of response units is definitely something worth looking into. I've had 3 units sat behind me for a routine traffic stop before which is just unnecessary. However have to say the RP I've experienced from individuals in the PD has been top notch.
  13. A good starting point has to be the commonly used ones; Sit, smoke, lean, handsup, falling anims etc. etc. Maybe you could format it to include all anims? Is it possible to have it similar to the weapon wheel where you can scroll each Ground anim for example?
  14. Firstly, what a sick idea. You should try set this as a poll, you'll probably get more responses as it's a bit easier for people to respond.
  15. Ministry

    I've got 50k for it here. E-mail me; [email protected] ((Forum PM)).