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  1. Lol. I've seen servers come up and die within two weeks with auto PK rules (Permanent-Kill, same thing as a CK). These rules in my experience are often heavily abused and more or less make players less likely to take action. The overall conduct and general attitude players I've seen on GTAW lead me to believe it'd be no different. After all, there's always a player report that bemoans someone for not groveling and pissing their pants for FearRP. Big fat no, this idea is just meaningless and serves absolutely no one.
  2. Username: Littlefoot Comment: Aww, aren't you adorable. Hardest of the hardcore, what is that you even do? Sell a bunch of shitty meth to trailer trash? Sell skunk-weed? Go work out on Vespucci and then hide away from the world? You ain't shit, the Serbians and even the black gangs are scarier than you lot. All you do is shave your heads and look like rejects from a Disturbed cover band. All you idiots do is post on Facebrowser at HARD you are, but delete comments and block people because you couldn't handle getting "Poor little white bois."
  3. Username: Littlefoot Comment: There's a massive problem with it. How is it a city with tons of diverse people somehow festers with Neo-Nazi wannabes who all look the same? It baffles me that even with how liberal our state is, we have these mall-rat kids thinking it's cool to be "WOOD." or any number of their dumbshit little sayings. Or branding kids with swastikas on the beach in the early hours, driving around in all-black vehicles with plates that say ARYAN, or showing their Nazi ink and then having the audacity to say. "We aren't Nazis." They're a problem.
  4. Barriss

    That's not Gravedweller Wars.
  5. Username: Littlefo0t Comment: Imagine having to align yourself with Nazis and degenerates to try and think you belong in a brotherhood. Whoa, you guys say 1488 and other dumbshit. Nobody likes any of you scum fucks, let alone want to go through the hassle of having to explain to the LSPD why you and twenty other people went down to Oceanside Customs with guns and killed a bunch of flipper kids who spout racial purity while getting railed by their black boyfriends. Just do us all a favor and go shoot up in a corner and OD. At least the rats and the homeless can use your bodies as sex toys. ­čśç
  6. Barriss

    A lot of criminal RP at times is almost inherently not RP. Faction threads often show people selling drugs or murder. I've yet to see a criminal gang attempt to hook their teeth into something interesting, why aren't they robbing truck drivers to steal their cargo? Where's the extortion that isn't hamfistedly done by bikers who think people in the city are actually going to bend to their will? Why aren't there more white-collar criminals? Worse thing I've heard is gangs using macro'd or pre-written /me's in order to force fearRP on people. Then get very uppity when they find that people won't instantly melt when they're put under pressure. Shockingly this seems to be the norm for many of the gangs as they don't seem to want to be anything BUT badly portrayed caricatures of southern LA in the 90's. Could guarantee there are plenty of Americans here who've lived close to or in gang territory that could give you better examples of criminal RP.
  7. Barriss

    Lol another one.
  8. Barriss

    Start writing your ban appeal buckaroo.
  9. Barriss

    Here's my idea, since a lot of the talk in this thread seems to be around specific gangs in certain areas. How about these gangs get held to higher RP standards and actually RP more interesting criminal dynamics such as community outreach and business ownership. Instead of bang-bang I used my macro'd/pre-written actions to go around and try blasting rival gangs. Criminal activities don't have to be murder and shit.
  10. Barriss

    You're ignoring other instances where I said that this was the keyline focus. Accents, Height, Tattoos, Weight, other details that aren't able to be conveyed via the models.
  11. DJ Egroka Interview "Egorka." Aska Redan Over the past month, we've seen many fresh new DJs rise, some fall and others remain under the radar in niche markets. DJ AoI comes to mind when you hear the words popular club DJ, but there is one other. The usurper who gained such a massive cult following that dedicated fans and occasional listeners know by a single, nonsensical word. "Egorka." The word means absolutely nothing, it's gibberish but is a come to be a greeting and expression of love for the young immigrant Svetlana Koltsova. AR - Aska Redan EG - DJ Egorka/Svetlana *Note Svetlana speaks with a very dense Russian accent.* AR: What's your origin, you know where you were born, came from, how'd you get here? EG: I'm from Novosibirsk,Russia. I came here when I was sixteen, by plane. I was born into scrap business, my parents, they send me here to start my own life, and help with uncle's junkyard. Junkyard, it go under and uncle, he go back to Russian, but I decided to stay here, y'know? It's better here. AR: Do you know why the business went under or was it symptomatic of the recession towards the 2010s? EG: Eh it was after Recession. Uncle he have problems, economy, drinking and there was a lot of anti-Russian sentiment here. Because of politics, dates back to the Cold War I guess. AR: So amid all the issue with coming to America, and your uncle's business falling through. How'd you find yourself becoming a DJ? EG: A friend, she inspired me. Rina, she DJ at local clubs and parties, with all the popular hit music. I'm not entirely about that kind of music, but she gave me inspiration to DJ and play the kind of music I like to play. *At this point she received a phone call, and apologized for the interruption* AR: Please continue if you have any other words on that subject(her inspiration). EG: So she gives me support and I get all the stuff together to start my own radio. It turned out to be more popular than I was thinking because of the type of music. It's not entirely mainstream, like modern music. But people like it, and it's different than the normal music and I play requests from time to time. AR: How exactly did you meet Rina? EG: Through an old friend, named Lee. He moved away now but was one the firsts I had here. They were dating when he introduced me to Rina. Me and her have become great friends, still, are. AR: Your style and your own radio station is quite unconventi0onal. Normally people stick to a certain theme. You play anything from Nickleback to Post Malone, why is that? EG: Because it's different, instead of listening to the same old stuff, it's a bit of variety. A little something for every. To break the monotony of listening to rap, metal, or a pop station. You can have all in one place. But I don't play rap or hip-hop often. Only on occasion. AR: What inspires your love of music? EG: Well is simple, music is a universal language. Even if I speak Russian, and neighbor speaks English, music is something we can all understand. World revolves around music it would be miserable without in our lives. It's everywhere. AR: If you had to pick, who are your top band, arts, or groups? EG: That is a good question. AR: Who would you dedicate part of your station, setlists or even make a new station dedicated to them? EG: Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Disturbed, Tool, and Iron Maiden. Is hard to pick five. I love so many different groups, artists and genres. If I had to dedicate anything it'd be to a few people. To Rina, Lee, my late sister, Liz, Bobbeh, Odin. All the people that helped take care of me when I first came here. I would be here if not for them. AR: And if you had anything to say to our readers, and people of LS. Whether they're new to the city or fervent listeners, what would it be? EG: Never sell out who you are as a person., love everybody. Even if you don't agree with them, and you don't have to like someone to be nice to them. Manners and courtesy are free, not many things in this world are free. It never kills to be nice to others. The hour or so we spent together was quite relaxed, at the time she was managing her radio station and taking requests. It didn't hamper our interview in any regard, as a matter of fact, it showed her dedication to interact with her fans. We took pauses for her to put on music, but as we can all see DJ Egorka is nothing but a wholesome woman. Her words in this interview uplifted me as we spoke, and hopefully, her dedication to her friends and fans will reach far and wide. "Who knew that you could arrange words and sounds in such a way that makes like trance. It's magic." ´╗┐ - DJ Egorka More From Saints DJ AoI interview Interview with a Dominatrix Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints ´╗┐
  12. AURA - Grand Opening Review An Aura of mediocrity Aska Redan Angel or Demon - you decide. Does Los Santos' newest theme club ascend to the heavens, or is it to be cast down into a lake of fire and brimstone? All the marketing around this club had me very interested - dueling DJs, theme outfits, and tons of promotion on Facebrowser. The makings of a bombastic party with all the biggest names around town having expressed interest in attending. Despite all the noise made on social media, the club opened with the sound of a firecracker. Sadly AURA's aura was quite weak. A devil in red, a threatening aura When I entered the club, I bore witness to this rather interesting amalgamation of HEAT and The Garden. Similar themes and motifs are explored everywhere in the design - white marble around the front bar, an expansive dance floor with two cozy lounges to each side, and private booths hinged on the upper rungs. Up the stairs is the lounge of the club, complete with a viewing deck - the perfect spot to brood, take pics and relax as a pseudo-VIP area of the club. To the rear, we had another stairway that led into the lofty VIP area. VIP was quite spacious and had a view of the Crastenburg across the street. Overall, I quite liked the interior design of the club. The Location left much to be desired, though. The sounds of aircraft flying over isn't something you'll be able to drown out. A packed dance floor of Angels and Demons. Straight from the comics The promise of a DJ battle was big. I almost expected to see two booths, the DJs going back and forth trying to entice the crowds over to their side. Alas, we got mostly average beats from each DJ, both of them having fairly similar sounding setlists that didn't inspire much. I'm more disappointed that there weren't remixed versions of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." or "Stairway to Heaven." Missed opportunities all around. However, I enjoyed all the outfits and costumes that came from this promotion. Various design issues did plague the club. To quote Ashley Hendricks, owner of AURA, "The building is surrounded with top-notch isolation materials, hence you don't hear the planes." She said this despite her office not being but twenty-feet from a large bay window. The VIP lounge before peak time. The most glaring design oversight was in the VIP area. There is a glass balcony there overlooking the club. The problem is that it's transparent - from the underside too - so women who stood on there tonight, including myself, unwittingly let most the club take a peek. She acknowledged this flaw and pledged to have it remedied by the time they open next week, but this shouldn't have been an issue at all. Oddly, Hendricks boasted to me, "We're the only club that has a parking lot.", which is a false statement. Harmony Lounge, The Garden, and Galaxy all have some means of a parking lot. The high price of entrance will dissuade many people from wanting to enter. The pricey door fee, location and the slew of issues faced tonight will not be forgotten easily. Negatives aside the club has immense promise. Ashley has informed me that the club is ever-changing and that she will remedy many of these issues prior to the next opening. She also told me that each opening will have its own unique theme. To make this happen from week-to-week furniture will be changed, moved around, or replaced entirely to suit the given theme. Aura is worth a visit when they open their doors but this grand opening left much to be desired.´╗┐ Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints´╗┐ More From Saints Saints News - A Harmony Review Saints News - Hales' Tales: Club Royale
  13. Barriss

    Regardless. We're not debating how someone will react IRL. I'd like to use this image to illustrate why descriptions are actively important to RP. Like I said this has been features in RP communities far and wide, from MMOs to Garrysmod you'll see people make descriptions. Some are novels, some are brief. However, right here is a crux issue. Said Player doesn't wish to be associated with being a skinhead/Nazi. The only form of description he ever gave to the character was in /me's doing OOCly he's saying he isn't a Skinhead/Nazi. The only key thing we have to note is 88'. But he does this in a /me it's currently not part of his attributes. So you can't examine him to gather information that is reasonably able to be deduced. Thus by association with his IC actions, choice of hair cut, and 88, we can rationally assume he's a part of that specific brand of roleplayers. Comparatively, I've seen other Skinhead/Nazi actually put forth some effort into using this feature because they know it's important to RP. You lose any right to be upset because someone is IDing you as a skinhead because you're bald, a biker, with tattoos. That CAN EASILY fade away when you have a description of like; Bob McTom - Has a menagerie of Russian prison tattoos/-GangName- Tattoos/Tattoo of an eggplant emoji- Now lets round back to the issue I had is that criminal RPers will use this to their advantage. You can examine people with masks on. It's not hard. Someone whose wearing a mask isn't impossible to be ID'd. I've examined masked people and gotten physical characteristics that I can ICly deem to make sense. But when you don't have one set up, I'm completely powerless to attempt to bring you to justice at a later time. In a sense this is power-gaming because you're saying nobody is capable of knowing who you are if they take a closer look. It's also possible that people are ignorant of this feature and don't know about it. But if you're a criminal RPer, and you know to take shadowplay, screenshots, and are prepared to upload your videos of you shooting people. Then you're smart enough to know that this command exsist.
  14. Barriss

    I'm not asking you put six paragraphs of what your character looks like. But I am telling you not to be lazy and intentionally vague. Somethings I did list were erroneous(hair, eyes, skin) for a slightly detailed description. But if you opt to leave those out since it's a defining physical characteristic then go right ahead. Nor am I saying you're going to know the EXACT height of everyone you meet, but you can ballpark it(as you would IRL). If I'm 5'6, and I have friends who are 5'8,5'10, and 6'0 then I can assume that the person who towered over me was between 5'10 and 6'0. But the person who wasn't even a head taller than me was somewhere between 5'7-5'9. To which one should say. "Yeah, my friend Bob is a few inches taller than me." compared to "Yeah, my friend Bob is a bit tall." Gotta realize this is contextual information that people use literally every day. Not some special power that only the gifted can have lol. If were to get robbed in person I could guarantee you that I'd be able to roughly describe the person without needing a recording(because amazingly this happens out in the real world. Shocking)
  15. Barriss

    Regardless of how you feel about name tags. Descriptions must be mandatory to all players. The only time I've ever seen descriptions never used by characters were often on servers that had throw away/reusable event characters. To my knowledge, I've yet to see people who are just that, characters used to promote events. Off that, when I mean a BASIC description it implies information that anyone can rationally gleam as a normal human being. "5'10, Grey Eyes, Medium length brown hair, speaks with a Liberty accent. Visible Dog, Gun, Lion, Swastika, Floral tattoos on arms if uncovered. Walks with an odd limp." What we can take from this description is that this a guy who is tall, but not too tall. He walks in a funny manner due a limp, he has medium length brown hair and grey eyes. Tattoos are often helpful to identify people as it's ICly,OOCly, and possible IRL to find someone because they have a certain tattoo on their body. NOT "Tall, Muscular, Speaks with a Southern Accent, Tattoos, Blue eyes, Black Hair" We cannot gather anything from this description. This is an intentionally vague, boring and thoughtless description because it wrangles in dozens of different players. You're tall, but how tall are you? You're muscular but are you ripped or just toned? You speak with a southern accent, so does half of Sandy Shores. You have tattoos, what person on the server DOESN'T have tattoos. There have only been a few criminal characters I've met, seen, or have gotten screenshots/videos of that have descriptions. These are often for the majority well RP'd characters. Those who DON'T have descriptions or incredibly vague/broad ones are the people who often show poor RP, have intentions to grief, and seek to gain script items. This is something you'll see commonly in games like Garrysmod for example. Because if there isn't a rule to have a description then people can and will seek to abuse this rule. As I said before, it will be near impossible to find someone who is wearing black shoes, black pants, and a black hoodie with a black mask on. While IRL people get caught all the time, even from grainy 24/7 store cameras because they met a broad description such as being short, or worse this specific brand of hoodie.