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  1. With the release of the new DLC, Warlords of New York, people still say that game is not worth playing. With Ubisoft unbanning people just to increase the player base, the game is almost dead.
  2. Send me your contact details
  3. Mods folder is designer only for SP. you have to install the mods directly into the root files. And Rockstar version doesn't allow you to install mods, the launcher always checks the files and if it detects other files, will redownload the files.
  4. Are you installing all the mods into MODS folder?
  5. Selling this beautiful Dinka Sugoi. Asking price: 115,000.00$
  6. Still avaiable? @Jake Volkoff If yes, going for 141.000$
  7. I need an interior designer for a newly renovated appartment. E-Mail me with your portofolio and expected payment. Plans: Two bedrooms, one bathroom, a dressing, open-space living-room, balcony.
  8. Looking to buy an appartment for 200.000$. Send me the offerts along with some photos. Preferably on Hawick or vespucci. Custom furnished
  9. Plus 20.000$ from you for the insurance
  10. Karin Kuruma for sale. Color: Metallic Black. Upgrades: Stage 3 engine confirmed by papers, new street brakes as well as a new transmission. Comes with the best anti theft system. First owner. 815.00 miles ((OOC VEHICLE STATS)) I'm changing with a 2020 Caracara but with same upgrades or even better. No difference Asking price: 125.000$
  11. Hi. I'm looking to buy a small house or an apartment into the city. The budget goes up to 150.000$
  12. Bucovina

    N/A - L&A

    Still available?
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