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  1. Buying a Jester RR. Come with your price and details.
  2. Selling this beautiful apartment with the view clear to the port of Marina, five minutes on foot to the beach and Tower one. The apartment is the perfect need for a young couple that is at the start of the journey or for a single person looking for its future. THe apartment comes with a spot for the EV charger along with a private parking and space to the port for a boat or a jetski. The apartment comes only with electricity and water without gas needed. A video tour of the apartment : Current information: https://imgur.com/a/rHJQ32H State listed: $150.000 Furniture listed: $100.000 Asking for: $500.000 ( Negociable until range of 400.000) Starting from: $ 350.000
  3. Minding your own business in a club and ended up ''yea I don't like you, go'' (before say IC is IC, guy started going drama on /b )
  4. Offering 300 if still available @george?
  5. Tried to remove the temp files from %appdata%?
  6. Sold. I'm available today, send me your contact info.
  7. 240 Spanish Ave- One Bedroom with walk in closet and on-suite One and a half bath Separate kitchen/dining Laundry room Fully furnished Also comes with Bobcat Security system, Three CCTV cameras watching the property. -Pictures- https://imgur.com/a/T7mEnKD -Price- Starting bid $280,000 (Bid increase $10,000) Buyout $360.000 {OOC Info}
  8. Levitate


    available? @Bursy
  9. 110 today and within this hour
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