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  1. 😂 What do you mean? 99% of the faction members are in fact in PD or SD. Shoutout to my SFM fam! On topic: Economy wipe should happen to better establish different classes of society and have businesses aimed to specifically target those classes.
  2. To add to what Biscuit said, as I co-lead and then lead SFM myself. FD never got in the way of "gatekeeping" any kind of roleplay, we simply wanted to venture into new things and decided to approach that niche roleplay from a different perspective. FD is well aware of what it has, where its going and its working constantly to align itself to the LAFD, identity is more clear than ever. I'm not sure how this whole thing ties to the /onduty command though.
  3. What is hurting the server is people getting shot left and right.
  4. Definitely not. Mainly the "FD Online" wouldn't showcase the actual members of FD that are on, it could be from Civilian Staff, PHMC (Yes PHMC counts towards the FD count), etc. It is better the way it is right now. There's a mutual aid explaining what needs to be done if you get no response from FD, PHMC can also assist aswell. LEO agencies are not showcased either in /onduty, we see no problem in contacting over radio even if we don't get an answer back when units are needed. I understand where you come from, but it is better this way.
  5. Full Gallery: Here Buyout: $582,000 Starting Bid: $430,000 Please follow the contact details, e-mail your offers ((Forum PMs)) ((OOC)) Mapping done by @Tiddy
  6. Username: RustleMyJimmies Comment: Y'ALL DOING GODS WORK, BLESS YOU MARSHALS.
  7. A 100%. If most of the people had a "Live and let live" type of mentality when it comes to factions that provide good roleplay instead of trying to cancel them, this server would thrive and /a lot/ more people would have fun.
  8. Watch this before you apply and get inspired my friend. SAPR awaits you, the forests are calling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eB_j5-UY7A
  9. It would be a cool addition for sure!
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