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  1. MoCityDon

    throwback to that old gta:w text and when you could get .50 cals for 10k back in the early dayz @Asterix
  2. MoCityDon

  3. MoCityDon

    who said anything bout classy baby
  4. MoCityDon

    if it don't gotta wood tip you doing it wrong playa...
  5. MoCityDon

    I've had the opportunity to role play with Mark Garcia & Virginia Scott in game and I'm extremely impressed with this faction so far. I love their portrayl, it's nice to see the development of a character and role play in general being the main priority rather than just being in it for the action. Keep it up
  6. MoCityDon

    Username: CandyPaintBlowinDank Comment: how this lil nigga gonna expose these dick sucking industry plant ass rappers like dat? 😂 I heard dat nigga Philthy Phaggot a weirdo from out west only thugging he do is stealing squares out his mama purse 🤣 da streetz already kno he ain't built like dat he a fake an his homies some faggots keep droppin dat heat youngin ima tune in 😈