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  1. Memozzy

    I would imagine that the prices would simply be updated without the need of paying extra for MP's increase or receiving refund for an overpaid place. Ohhh i can't wait to see the whining then. As for the topic in itself. The new rules were very much needed and it mixed up with the MP adjustments is just a blessing in my eyes. If someone now decides to not sell their house in spite despite not using it well, that's on them. People sure love their assets and $$$. Besides you can still sell your place for astronomical prices, provided it's interior now is worth it instead of focusing on raising prices just because people play in that area.
  2. Memozzy

    What's the Market Price?
  3. Memozzy

    Character name: Linette LeBlanc UCP name: Memozzy (Discord name?): TK#2246 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 3522 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 1123 Palomino Ave NOTE - First floor - and balcony location is also first floor but to the back of the building, grill with pan and champagne is placed outside with two sunbathing things. Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony, backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony
  4. Memozzy

    In a perfect world we'd have only 18+ characters. But sadly I doubt that day will ever come.
  5. Memozzy

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why we have a housing crisis in the city.
  6. Memozzy

    I don't think they can implement something after-the-fact to get out of issues IC. It's like implementing new law and punishing people for breaking it before it was implemented. You could easily argue it imo.
  7. Memozzy

    All I could really say is take it IC if there's contradictions and if you're bothered then sue, and if the case is being thrown out on some weird OOC bases despite being fully IC then take it up to administrators in a form of a report or an expression of concern. Go as high the admin-chain as needed using proper means. But maybe I'm just feeling optimistic today. If a court would rule your way yet PD disregards the ruling then sue again, sue-sue-sue-sue! America is beautiful. 😁
  8. Memozzy

    Correct me if I'm wrong but PD Regulations are not law? Law is law. If there is contradiction or a limit on lawfully given rights in SA penal code or SHAFT act couldn't you just sue the department? Wasn't it already done and SHAFT came as an outcome? Perhaps I'm misremembering tho idk.
  9. I've been on this server for a bit over a year now and what little time I have on it is spent trying to find RP and actually RPing. Due to this I haven't acquired overly massive funds in-game and for that very reason If I had to buy a new property it'd be near impossible to afford it without grinding away for that $$$ but then everyone jumps on your neck to proclaim their position on the high horse. I recall a while back (6 or 7 months) I saw a trailer in sandy being sold for near 400k. Sadly it is what it is and it'd be a nice world if people would stop inflating the market by paying ridiculous prices for properties since that makes an incentive for everyone else to rock up the price. inb4 homeless RP
  10. Memozzy

    Say it in a quick session "Heavy-RP-Heavy-RP-Heavy-RP" out loud and let's see if it loses its meaning any faster than you constantly bringing it up.
  11. Memozzy

    I'll never understand why someone cares SO much about someone elses RP if it doesn't even involve you. I'm sorry but I don't care what some of you say about heavy RP server or w/e but yall need to chill and maybe take a break for a day or two if it tickles your pickle the wrong way so much. At the end of the day if someone breaches a rule and / or has overly bad portrayal then report them. Otherwise live and let live and have fun. As Donald Trump would say - "SAD!"
  12. Memozzy

    I feel like if people keep overly using the term ''heavy RP" it'll become more of a meme than it already is. But hey, maybe that's just me. Everyone has their own definition when it comes to it so it breeds conflict.
  13. Memozzy

    I can see some of the things being an issue, yes, and those should be reported to the proper channels but God.. Some of people on here can be overly petty.
  14. User: TrippleL Comment: What a surprise. No criminal charges for attending illegal street race. What a corrupt system. I'm disgusted. Why are we even bothering to follow the traffic laws if this happens? No comments from LSPD? What happened with the ''transparency''? What a disgrace.
  15. Memozzy

    It's just one hour, Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to calm down. We humans are an adaptive bunch. So adapt. These are the most insignificant of issues I've ever seen.