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  1. Laptop does have a bit of an overheating issue, always has. A fault in it's design. I have a neat M.2 SSD with a heatsink in-built and the soft cool padding as well. I've tried to re-install drivers for the battery and update the bios. So far no luck. It is the time of holidays now so I'll have to call the repair tech on 26th. Just an unfortunate situation. I'll try keep googling around and if I do find a fix I'll post it!
  2. Thank you for your response! Sadly it's not under warranty anymore yes (peculiar how it died like this JUST as the warranty expire, hmmm) I keep pestering and reaching out to the repair technicians but all they can say is "they didn't really know what was wrong with it but going step by step they got it to turn on". Keep on insisting that it works even when it doesn't work as I wanted them to fix it and honestly it's starting to feel like they hardly did anything and just cashed in a bill. I tried to clear the static charge, I tried to troubleshoot the battery, I tried to update the bios, update a possible battery driver. Nada. And it's peculiar you say I have a SSD+SSHD combo because I only have 1TB m.2 SSD and no SSHD. I pulled it out before giving it away for repairs so using the same SSD now with all the data and no bloatware I had. Even reset the windows OS but that didn't do much either. I was thinking about purchasing a battery but I'm just a bit weary because they are expensive and my fear is that even when I buy it and replace it it still wont work because the current battery is recognized and it does charge. It's simply not being used. There's no errors I can pull out from the system to my limited knowledge that could give me more info. I will keep pestering the company that 'fixed it' but at this point my trust in them is exactly 0.. Something fishy is going on here, I'm thinking.
  3. Hello! I'll try to keep it brief! I own an ASUS ROG Strix Scar II gl504gm laptop. A month ago while doing some gaming it just turned off. The LED that indicates charging (it was plugged in) didn't recognize it being plugged in and it wouldn't turn off or do anything at all. Essentially it died. Fast forward; a month later I receive my laptop back after paying 165Eur with them saying its fixed. It's not. So sadly I'm stuck with an expensive 'repair' that didn't really repair it all. Laptop only works with charging cable, turns off if removed. Recognizes, charges and displays battery in windows, but won't use it. Time to go into boot has changed from a couple seconds to nearly 30 seconds after repairs (until Asus logo shows) and I've noticed it works visibly slower. Could the issue with battery not being used impact performance? Is there a way to get it to use the battery? Nothing really says its damaged in my tests and limited troubleshoots thus far. One of the tests for me was launching GTA:W. Prior this it launched in less than 4 minutes, now it takes up to 15 minutes. Anyone perhaps have had this issue? battery-report.html
  4. I have a feeling you are just frustrated because X happened to you so you are now up in arms about it and want to do something. arguing to make something a rule when it already is a rule is lowkey fun to read.
  5. Level 1 Alarm ($40,000) - 40% reliability, if tripped does not inform police until after 5 minutes have elapsed, alarm goes off at same time as police are informed. Level 2 Alarm ($80,000) - 50% reliability, if tripped does not inform police until after 4 minutes have elapsed, alarm goes off at same time as police are informed. Level 3 Alarm ($160,000) - 60% reliability, if tripped does not inform police until after 3 minutes has elapsed, alarm goes off at same time as police are informed. etc etc, thats the inpression i got too. This is a one sided solution that is simply horrible.
  6. Suggested and denied. Languages are just too nuanced. For example I dont speak russian IRL but i can easily pick up basic few works as they match my language. Same applies to other panguage groups. a lot of languages have common words and therefore such a system woudnt work. humans and languages are much more dynamic than it appears to be
  7. If there is no proper prison or jail for people to receive their IC punishment then the crime hardly has any point. its not OOC punishment. its an IC punishment that your character got after they broke the law and thats okay. But its still IC No need to mix these things together.
  8. If you cant do the time dont do the crime 🙃 Perfectly we would have 100% in game jail hours ticking down instead of it being an off line counter. there are not consequencess as is.
  9. This is a wonderful suggestion. Been preaching a 18+ Char server for a bit now. You know as soon as number below 18 shows in /examine something stupid is about to happen. 70 percent of such scenes I have been into have been horrible because it was a crime scene due to a kid popping off like a super villain. dont even get me started on the cringy and creepy pickup lines. Ignore them? Can expect even more verbal abuse. the problem with kid chars is that they ONLY can be in a gang faction to exist, so all kids are problematic from the start. obviously cant have kids be played by any random. 18 minimal age would be perfect for me. might be happy with a 16+ change as well. just get the kids gone from IG world.
  10. Please no. I already have enough hoops to jump theough to get anything started. thats a no from me chief
  11. Username: OxCartComment: Burn in hell Kevin.
  12. On a shit laptop I get stable 55-60 FPS while using graphical mod and no ENb. Oh keep it it is awesome!
  13. I believe I will live through the day everyone gets access to cool stuff
  14. That was a thing a while back and my guess would be that this system was put in place to counter it. and OP and t wasnt rare for robbers to tow away cars. I still recall seeing people roam around in mechanic trucks like sharks. People just started to /vpark their cars and that dint help anyone. im against changing this feature
  15. Hell no. I RP it when I want it not when script tells me “your belly empty bro”
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