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  1. Definitely +1 on this. And also introduce type of tiers to weapon licenses. Tier 1 pistols etc Tier 2 + hunting rifles Tier 3 etc
  2. you literally are a hero and took the words right out of my mouth. +1
  3. Username: Pokro Bid: 0$ Comment: I'd like to test drive it if possible. Please send me an e-mail. ((PM // Discord Copyright#4487))
  4. I've been on the server with my character Yegor for a couple of months, and I literally have never ever encountered anything illegally, such as shootouts, illegal firearms being dealt, drugs, etc. And it should stay like that. Just like in real life. And as far as @Knoxville goes, he's doing a great job.
  5. Buying a Oracle Ubermacht! Give me a call or send me an e-mail about the car and it's specifications please. PH: 856-6674 email: [email protected] ((FORUM PM ))
  6. @Nervous my idea would perfectly fit along with this suggestion if u know what i mean :)
  7. Short description: A list of transactions made through the bank Detailed description: Basically, all in and outs of your bank account. Make it like that for the last 20/30 transfers? Maybe 50? +$800 (time stamp) +$92810 (time stamp) -$900 (time stamp) -$92,000 (time stamp) Commands to add: /bankhistory /transferhistory Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? It would help us to keep in track of what's going in and out. Additional information: Nothing much.
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